Business And Travel To Lithuania

Travel To Lithuania

Lithuania is a beautiful country in Europe that can offer much to its visitors. No matter whether you’re visiting it for business or travel, you will not be disappointed either way. In this article, we will briefly touch on what to expect when you come to Lithuanian with either goal – a business trip or travel journey.

Lithuania as a travel destination

One major reason to visit Lithuania is its rich culture and traditions. Despite now being one of the smallest countries in Europe, the roots of the nation go back all the way to the XIII century when it became one of the first unified kingdoms in Europe. This was all thanks to the one and to this day, the only Lithuanian king – Mindaugas.

As the middle ages progressed, Lithuania, now becoming the Grand Duchy of Lithuania expanded its territories to cover everything from its current borders to the Black sea and quickly became the largest country in Europe by far. Despite this, both its rulers and the population were very tolerant towards people of other ethnic backgrounds, religions and so on, a few major reasons why the country’s legacy is so rich.

Nowadays this legacy can be found in old towns all throughout the country, museums, everyday foods and other parts. If you’re looking to visit a country that can offer you a lot, definitely give Lithuania a shot.

Parcel delivery service to Lithuania

Lithuania, though only a small country European country neighbouring Russia, is considered to be one of the fastest-growing economies along with the rest of the Baltic region. Delivery companies are well growing and send a parcel to Lithuania could be amazingly easy. While not known by many, the country acts as an important trade route between Western Europe, Russia and the Far East as a result of its well-developed transport industry which includes ports, air transport and railways.

Lithuania’s neighbour Latvia is at the same level talking about delivery services. It is possible to send a parcel to Latvia from any European country.

Lithuania for business

In more recent history, Lithuania was starting to grow as a serious industry for business after it first gained independence from Russia back in 1918. During the whole interwar period, the country was heavily influenced by American culture and businesses, which meant that many practices were implemented into the local industry as well.

However, as the second world war ended, Lithuania was occupied by the soviets which meant not only a loss of independence, but the destruction of a very western-oriented business industry up until the country regained its independence in 1990.

Digital business in Lithuania

Nowadays, the country is considered as one of the fastest-growing business industries in Europe. Many modern business models are very popular and things like SEO and digital marketing are growing in popularity among new businesses and the usage of such services is growing in general as well.

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