Different types of kids beds

Different Types Of Kids Beds

Earlier, kids’ beds were nothing more than smaller versions of normal beds, sometimes featuring cartoon characters or plain colours (pink for girls and blue for boys). That was it! But gone are those days. Now, there are infinite creative and innovative choices available in kids’ bed designs. A diverse range of mind-blowing designs is offered by kids’ furniture stores ranging from themed bunk beds, fancy car beds, rustic tree house beds, functional wall beds, to loft beds with slides. Along with creating a comfortable corner for your kid to get a good night’s sleep, beds also combine fun and functionality in the best ways possible.

Do you want to know more about the Different types of kids beds . This article presents some of the most popular types of beds that enhance the room interiors as well as make the best use of space.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds top the list of children’s bed designs. These are an all-time favorite of kids. This bed is a multi-story unit wherein one bed is stacked over the other. The two beds are connected with a staircase or ladder. The biggest advantage is that it accommodates two kids in two separate beds using the floor space for just one. It is fun as well as space-saving.

Loft Beds

Loft beds have a bed on the upper bunk. Space beneath is available for multiple uses. Perfect for kids’ bedroom, you can combine the bed with another piece of furniture like a desk or an extra storage unit, that too on the same floor space. Though many people often confuse loft beds with bunk beds, these are two different types of kids’ beds.

Beds with Slides

At present, you will come across a number of bed models that have extra fun features added to the sleeping unit. Usually found in loft and bunk varieties, beds with slides are one such innovation. Such beds have a slide attached to the bed frame. This is in addition to the conventional staircase or ladder. Kids love such fun-filled and unique beds a lot. Imagine their happy faces when they slide their way down!

Beds with Desks

A popular version of loft beds, the space beneath the upper bunk of this bed is equipped with a study table, chair, and related accessories. It is the best bed if you want to merge the sleep and study areas of your kid without using separate floor spaces for each.

Kids bedroom furniture is an integral aspect when you are planning to decorate their personal space. Therefore, give it the importance it deserves.

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