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Welcome to TheDigiGrowth. If you are interested in Guest post Opportunites
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TheDigiGrowth is a Blog where we Accept Content a variety of topics ranging from to Digital Marketing, Science & Technology, Business, Computer & Internet, Real Estate, Health, lifestyle, Entertainment, General, reviews and etc.

  1. The article should unique & SEO Friendly.
  2. An article should contain at least 1000 words.
  3. Use an attractive Featured Image. The Image size for the featured image is (680 x 350) px and Image storage size should be less than 120KB.
  4. Get 2 Backlink (anchor tag) in your article and those links is should be open in the new tab.
  5. We don’t Accept Adult, spamming, copyrighted and duplicate content. your account can be a ban if you do
  6. After submission, Admin will approve your article within within 48 hours.

Process for submitting Guest Post.

1. Register For TheDigiGrowth

2. Create Post

Once your article will publish, you can check your article status in the account dashboard. If you have any queries or require permanent posts, feel free to write to us

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