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Himalayan Treks

The summer is a sparkling hot and sweaty hole in our bodies, but it is a nice time to be out in some other parts of the world. Especially in the Himalayas, the best time to walk and explore the powerful mountains. However, it may be a little overwhelming and confusing for many beginners to choose between different choices. Don’t worry that we’re here to help, we will look at the top six Himalayan walks in this article.

Kedarkantha Trek

The Himachal Kedarkantha summit was one of the first to be organized in my career, and today it’s a very popular and popular trek. This is a simple and moderate trek which, according to route and operator, takes around 4-6 days. Although for beginners, this is a trek that is very well known and well understanding. It is considered a bit challenging. This helps you to get the right help to direct you through if you are a beginner. There are also the best campsites and viewpoints on the Kedarkantha trail that make for a very enjoyable experience. Another highlight is the drive to the basin, where you can enjoy picturesque drives through dense pine forests and picturesque beauty. The trails in Kedarkantha are also very short since the path is quite steep, but the distance is about 24 km long overall.

Trek Beas Kund

The Beas Kund Trek is just 550 km from Delhi, Delhi’s capital, and is located very near Manali. This is an easy to moderate hike, which takes about four days. The Kedarkantha trek is a little more challenging but much more satisfying. The environment of the walk passes through lush green wetlands, the old woods with such big coniferous trees that when you are under them you cannot see their tops. In the summer you can see expansive floral beds in the grasslands and you’re almost surrounded by amazing mountain scenery during the trek at an altitude of 360 degrees. At 12,772 ft. the summit is situated.

Nag Tibba Trek

Now if you say, ‘it all sounds fine, but I don’t just have about four days a week.’ Ok, I hear you, don’t worry. The Nag Tibba Trek takes only 2 days to scale and is really gratifying because the height is only about 9,914 ft. The summit is worthwhile. The hike is quite beginner-friendly and easy to reach from Mussoorie and is very unknown. Mostly you will have a fantastic trek including panoramic views, lovely campsites, panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks. You should place this top of your list, if you are new to trekking, and see more about it.

Beginners guide to Kuari Pass Trek

Flowers Trek Valley

The Flowers Valley Trek lasts nearly one week and covers about six days, this is a legendary trek. The Valley of the Flowers Trek is uniquely popular for the valleys with vast, vast flower beds, unlike those that concentrate on the beautiful and imposing mountain ranges. The Himalayan valleys are much lusher and greener and legend says walkers have gone unconscious due to the strong fragrance of the flowers. We don’t know whether it plays a role, although the credibility still lies little hypertension or low blood sugar levels. This is another incredible moderate hike, where you can see spectacular valleys, rivers, and glaciers which are all the root of it. The top is about 14,107 ft above sea level, which is still the highest we have covered to date and certainly much more extreme than the others.

Bugyal Gadara

If you want something off the beaten path, you want something. Look no further, the trekking tour of Gadara Bugya is somewhat a hidden trekking place. Shh, don’t rat me out now. There are not many people standing on the trail. It’s a trail of moderate difficulty that you will have to scale with steep inclines and declines. This trail, however, is one of the lowest foot traffic levels. There’s hardly any civilization around, you’re generally greeted by local shepherds. You’re always the only people and trekking party around and you just feel isolated. This is an incredible trek, but it certainly is worth it and needs a little more planning and training. You can even enjoy a few hot springs on the way.

Trek to Sainj Valley

When we close the list, you guys leave you on a short weekend trip. The trek through the Great Himalayan National Park, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, is very unique as it requires escalators to walk through the area. It is highly protected, and with limited human intervention, the flora and fauna have flourished. The sound of numerous birds enlightens you through amazing meadows, traditional villages, abundant apple orchards, and ancient forests. It’s a wonderful trek for wildlife and particularly birdwatching enthusiasts as a part of the Great Himalayan National Park. You will find endangered birds here in a special way, and all this makes it one of the best treks for beginners around.

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