Nataraja Asana : Methods / Benefits / Precautions

Natarajasana 1

Yoga today is like a boon in the life of every human being. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, no one pays attention to their health. Every person has become so busy in his life’s work that he has no time for himself, for his health. But along with work, we also need to pay full attention to our health. Natarajasana is a very important asana in all yoga poses, which has many benefits. If you want to learn different types of yoga then you can learn Yoga School in Rishikesh, India

Nataraja Asana 

This asana is one such yoga. Which is associated with the name Shiva. There is a form of Lord Shiva which is called Lord of the Dance Pose. It is a form of dance of Shiva.

Method of doing Natarajasana:

 To do this asana, first of all, stand straight on a mat. Then bend your left leg backwards from the knees, then move your left hand back and grab the toe and keep your right hand straight forward and stretch your body slightly in this position. Keep it for 20 to 30 seconds, repeat this action again with your other hands, while practising this, keep breathing, do not try to hold your breath. Practice this asana at least two to three times.

 Benefits of Natarajasana:

1) Helps in weight loss

Obesity is reduced by doing Nataraja asana, due to which the fat present in the body is burnt. And obesity gradually disappears. It also helps in removing many types of diseases caused by obesity easily.

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2) The body is flexible

By regularizing this asana, some important part of our body gets stretched. Due to which our body becomes flexible well as strength is also provided, so this asana should be practised every day.

3) Depression goes away

 Regular practice of Natarajasana helps in curing diseases like depression or stress. Today people all over the world are losing their lives due to depression. In this situation, Natarajasana proves to be very beneficial for such persons. By doing this regularly, within a few days, the disease like depression starts improving. Whether there is any kind of depression or stress, Nataraja Asana will be very beneficial for him, its daily practice will soon start getting rid of stress.

4) Knee pain is fine

This asana is very easy to cure knee pain. By practising this daily, chronic knee pain can be cured. This asana helps to eliminate knee pain from the root. Therefore, do this asana daily for at least 5 minutes.

5) Shoulder pain is cured

 Practising this yoga asana stretches the shoulders. Due to which there is relief in shoulder pain and shoulder pain gets cured completely. The person who has pain in the shoulders should do this asana regularly. If you practice this asana regularly, you will get great relief from shoulder pain.

6) Concentration is good

 By doing this asana every day, our mind remains calm. Due to which our focus increases and our concentration increases and the focus is always focused on doing any work. The attention does not wander here and there.

7) Reed’s bone is strong

 By doing this asana, tension stretches in our spine, which provides strength to the spinal cord. And there is flexibility in it, if there is a slight pain in the spine, then that pain gets cured by this asana.

8) Digestive system is fine

If someone has a problem with the digestive system if the digestive system is not good. So he will benefit a lot from this asana. This asana helps in curing the discomfort of the digestive system. If the digestive system is fine, then many diseases can be avoided, so if you want to cure the digestive system, then you must practice this asana regularly.

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9) The body is strong

By practising this asana, the mind remains calm and apart from this our whole body remains healthy. And the whole body is strengthened, its practice mainly strengthens the hands, feet, thighs, shoulders, back etc. That’s why every person needs to do this asana. This asana needs to be practised regularly if the body is to be flexible and strong.

10) Nervous system and heart are good

Or asana helps in eliminating the problem in the heart. This asana is very helpful in bringing the breathing rate of the heart back to normal. By doing this asana, the risk of heart attack is reduced. The circulation of blood to the heart and in the body is very good. Regular practise of this asana also improves our nervous system and gets rid of various diseases, keeps the mind healthy, backwardness is corrected. There is no nervousness in doing any kind of work. And the mind remains balanced. So make sure to practice it.


People who have low blood pressure or high blood pressure, who have more pain in the spine, should avoid doing this asana. And practice this asana only on the advice of a doctor specialist under his supervision.