Things you need to know about HGV Driver Training!

There are many HGV driving schools that you need to choose from and also you need to choose the best provider for you. When you search for a training provider then it looks pretty much the same as others. 

With every driver training company claiming to be the best, you must do your research and exercise extreme caution when purchasing HGV driver training.

You simply need to choose the cheapest options that could end up costing twice or even three times as much as you are the unfortunate victim of poor quality training, difficult to drive hard vehicles. 

You should make your choice based on the quality of training offered and the integrity of the company. Remember, if something sounds good then you should never be afraid to ask probing questions of training companies. 

Here are just a few things that you must be aware of when choosing an HGV Driving School:

1: Beware of the broker:

There are most of the training companies that you will find on Google and not all training companies are brokers. They might portray themselves as a training company but actually, they have no vehicles, no instructors, and no training experience. What brokers will do is they will try to find a company that is willing to do the training for that reduced price. 

So, you can imagine the quality of training that you will get. You need to ask yourself why the training company would be willing to work for a fraction of the price of other companies. It is not because they are busy with referrals but they cannot keep up with demand. 

2: Do Training:

The HGV driving cost doesn’t cost you much and there are very few companies that train students one by one. This means training is very essential to understand the way you learn and avoid. 

It also sounds great when you have been offered a 5-day course but you will be sharing that time with another customer. 

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Also, if a person is less competent than they have been wasting your time. So, if they need extra help from you then do it. 

3: Who is training you?

It is a little known fact that most of the people drive a lorry and provide a licence to them for the specified time. Thus, you don’t need any instructional ability and you just need to buy a truck if you are an HGV driver. 

The HGV driving instructors will not only have to prove their driving skills to a high standard but you also need to undergo some extensive training while teaching driving skills. You also need to be committed to the best possible ways as a part of instructor development. 

You can undergo ADI and test regularly to maintain high-quality standards. The Government offices will regularly assess the instructor’s ability and could strip their driving instructor’s qualification from them if they are sub-standard. 

4: Size of Training vehicle:

The type of vehicle that you will take for your test doesn’t define the licence category needed to drive it. It is the weight of the vehicle that is important.

So, why do you need to take a rest in a larger vehicle? You must do some kind of training in driving schools and it should be acceptable in the test.

We must drive those Lorries that are easy to drive and should meet the DVSA test criteria. This is another way to improve your chances of passing the test.  

5: Check Locations:

Remember when you choose an HGV Training company then locations play a very big part in it. So, why travel further than necessary in order to reach your training company.

However, it seems very logical to choose someone local to you until you turn up your training and find out that you need to spend both the first and last hour of your training time travelling to and from the test area. 

Although it is not such a great use then we think so you should start your training from the best coaching center and you don’t need to spend a big chunk of your paid time traveling. 

The moment you drive out of your yard means you are on a test route. Hence, it makes perfect sense to drive to the training area by yourself and meet your trainer there, rather than waste your course time driving back and forth. 

6: More than Just HGV Driving:

There are most of the HGV companies who won’t be interested in talking to you until you have completed your medical, and got your provisional, and done your theory test.

It also arranges your medical with a specialist doctor, giving access to the latest DVSA online revision material. In order to get your HGV licence you must do the training first. 

Also, the HGV Licence cost doesn’t cost you much and once you become trained in driving Lorries then you can easily obtain your licence.