How to start meditation?


How to start meditation & What Is the Solution to Relieve Mental Stress by Meditation?

You must have heard that meditation can benefit your health, so you have decided to give it a try. But have a problem from where to begin? In this article, I will tell you how to start meditation.

Follow these steps before beginning meditation

How to start meditation
How to start meditation

Select a quiet place.

Think of a place where there is no noise or distortions. It can also be a quiet part of your house or sitting under a tree outside. You can also keep inspirational or cool objects around, such as pictures of flowers or beautiful places.

Find a comfortable place to sit.

There is no need to sit in the Padmasana with a straight spine on the ground until it is comfortable for you. You can also meditate by sitting on a chair or couch with your back attached to a wall. You can also use cushions, pillows, or blankets.

Close your eyes slowly.

Close your eyes slowly and try to keep your thoughts away for a while. Tell yourself that you will not think of anything else for this short period.

Start by taking some deep breaths.

Breathe in slowly through your nose. Feel how each breath moves in and out of your body, fill your lungs with air, and then through your nose. Start lengthening and deepening each breath.  Breathing deeply makes mind and body calm.

Choose a meditation mantra.

You choose a word or phrase like a mantra for meditation. The purpose of the mantra is to keep you away from your thoughts, which will allow you to meditate on meditation. You can use your favorite word like “peace” or “ॐ”.

What Are the Solutions to Relieve Mental Stress by Meditation?

Today is the 21st century, there is development in every aspect that you cannot count. But the competition to move ahead of each other is promoting mental stress in everyday life. Stress alone is so fatal to the body that it causes high blood pressure, migraine, hair loss, low blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, and many more diseases. Today, from high school students to people working in the high profile companies are victims of this mental illness.

According to some surveys and reports, around 60% of women and men admit to being stressed during their routines. This report also suggests that the age group of 15–30 has higher levels of stress than other age groups.

There are many ways to reduce stress levels

Meditation is an easy way to get rid of mental stress. There are many types of meditation techniques, using which calm the thoughts in our mind. You can use any of these methods, but I would recommend that you try only one of these, and just pay special attention to it.

First, let’s talk about the popular method used. To do this you will need a place to sit. Try to sit on the floor with the mat. Then calmly close your eyes and breathe normally. Focus on your breath. When you breathe in or let the air out, count it. Your whole body and mind will be centered and your thoughts will be reduced.


Vipassana is the oldest and simplest meditation technique discovered by Gautama Buddha himself. It has also been considered as a medicine for the mind. There is no need to attain any particular posture or close your eyes for Vipassana. Wherever or whenever you want to practice Vipassana, just concentrate on the breath. Count your exhalation or inhalation, and watch whatever is happening outside in peace.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation or chanting meditation is one of the oldest prayer meditation techniques you can use if your mind is very undisciplined. In this meditation, the practitioner pronounces a word (often a sacred word like om), with exhalation. You can do this at any time with prayer chanting. Just you have to focus on the mantra.

You can also practice movement meditation in which you have to practice postures with your body while breathing steady and calm. This type of meditation is practiced in the tradition of yoga and Taichi.


Meditation is a wonderful thing for peace of mind. If you do it in the right way, then definitely you must feel the real happiness of peace and calm that is losing from your life slowly. If you want to know more about yoga asana and meditation, then you can also join a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.