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Artvigil 150

The item that was introduced under the trade name Artvigil has armodafinil as its most distinctive component. The compound is a distinct enantiomer of the more well-known substance modafinil and is inexplicably linked and time it is checked. It is available in tablet form and assessed precisely at 150 mg per tablet. Artvigil could be considered to be one of the more trusted armodafinil formulas which are available on the market for investigation chemicals and that is why that it is extensively used in lab research.

This substance is sold in unique packaging and comes with a brand name used to guarantee excellent quality. Nuances The research on armodafinil is similar to combinations of the eugeroics group like artvigil 150 and the substance is categorically described as a dopamine receptor, indirect antagonist. In any case, as it is only composed of R (+) molecules (rather than racemic modafinil) Armodafinil exhibits amazing physical and pharmacological properties which permit it to be systematically explored and then logically described.

Security The use of safety equipment is recommended when conducting tests with this chemical in a room where testing takes place must be adequately ventilated. Purchasing It’s extremely simple to order Artvigil via this online shop and get it shipped anywhere within the USA. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to examine the situation for armodafinil as well as similar substances in their respective countries of residence.

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