top 5 Things to Do While Visiting Atlanta

Things to Do While Visiting Atlanta

Things to Do While Visiting Atlanta: Atlanta is a diverse city that combines blooming arts, sprawling nature reservations, and a position as a central wheel in the creation of American history. The city has long remained in the shadows of its more tourist-known analogues beyond state borders: New Orleans and Orlando.

But everything has changed. Not anymore is Atlanta just home to the world’s busiest airport where tourists can find ATL luxury car rentals. Now, the capital of Georgia is rocking in the recognition it earns, greeting millions of tourists every year who arrive in search of delicious food, world-class attractions, professional athletes, A-list parties, and unusual museums. Visit the scandalous World of Coca-Cola, try several local blends in wine country, follow the steps of Martin Luther King, and so more to do in this underrated Southern gem.

If you are travelling to Atlanta, prolong your adventures by trying off as many of these activities as desirable. For unforgettable Things to Do While Visiting Atlanta, look no further. Happy journeys!

Meet the Pandas at the Zoo

The highly admired Zoo Atlanta keeps North America’s most populous community of huge monkeys, a couple of charming giant pandas, and over 1500 more animals of entirely different origins, amounts, and ways of life. Rent a car, arrive at the Zoo Atlanta, and get the possibility to communicate with the animals, even take a selfie with the most beloved ones.  Make sure to visit the Scaly Slimy Spectacular, a trendy reptile exhibition that keeps more than 70 kinds of snakes!

Fight Zombies in the Walking Dead Tour

Would you like to try yourself as a zombie hunter? Do you like zombie movies? Atlanta is not a Hollywood, though. It was the headliner of the TV series for AMC’s The Walking Dead, a show that has impressively won 16 Emmy nominations. Are you in the Rick or Maggie’s fan group? Join a large tourist group or get the VIP experience renting a luxury car, anyway, you will march in the tracks of zombies and hunters. The visitors are offered to visit the fictional towns of Alexandria and Woodbury while discovering all about the cast and the show. Most tours even add a visit to the Walking Dead Museum.

Sample 100 Tastes of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola beverage was first presented in Atlanta in 1886. It was the brainchild of a morphine-addicted pharmacologist who needed to beat the addiction by creating a painkiller without any poisonous or addictive elements in it. Presently, it is a world-class symbol not just of beverages but of refreshment, entertainment, and Christmas. In the birth city of the company, at the only World of Coca-Cola, help yourself with more than 100 various bottles from throughout the world.

The visitors will meet plenty of Coca-Cola varieties, some of which never were in the open sale! You can get some bottles in the souvenir shop and leave them in your luxury car rental while you follow the guide. Look for a personal tour, or unite it with a CNN backstage experience for more entertainment.

Ponce City Market food tour

Bring your tastebuds on an exceptional adventure in the rebuilt Sears, Roebuck, & Co. factory that samples all the very best tastes of A-town in one tiny place. Foodies, this is one of the first things to arrange in Atlanta. The tourists will get the opportunity to try mouthwatering dishes and local staples from various merchants. You can also learn about the history of the market and the food from the expert guru.

Travelling Can Be Simple With These Tips

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Brimming with magnolias, azaleas, camellias, roses, and orchids, the Atlanta Botanical Garden should just be one of the most gorgeous parks in the US. It has not only a remarkable collection of flowers, but the garden is also home to stuff like edible gardens and canopy hikes in the treetops! People can always find great things to explore at this art and nature centre. Outdoor fans can try the canopied path, a 600-foot-long pathway that darts the top of oak and hickory trees.

If you are a wilderness fan, there are numerous rainforest areas where you can walk through dense shrubs and observe wild birds and tree frogs fly around. Kids can play on statues and whimsical sculptures in the kids’ zone. The oriental garden will be delighted to observe for people who prefer well-maintained gardens and tidy landscapes.

Tea Rooms for Foodies

Tea Rooms For Foodies
Tea Rooms For Foodies

Tea rooms were well-known in southern states. It is a kind of buffet where you can try real southern dishes with homemade love inside them. Now not many of them have been left, including Mary Mac’s Tea Room that specializes in good old country-style food. Visitors can have a feeling of the ‘40s and ‘50s when they try the crispy fried chicken, cornbread served with collard greens and okra, and gravy-smothered biscuits. Beverages are sweet tea and lemonade only. For the dessert, you can enjoy peach cobbler, banana pudding, and pecan pie.


It is a rich neighbourhood that is just a brief walk from downtown Atlanta. It shines with office buildings and top-notch hotels that mount over the streets, but its real attraction is placed down below. It’s a mecca for upscale shopping. Retailers introduce high-quality brands for clothes, shoes, and jewellery that you may look for at low prices. It is not only about shopping. Businesses vary from excellent eateries to modern art galleries and trendy museums.

There are many various shopping centres either on or near the main streets, so you can easily find your favourite brands. If the fashion world is not appealing to you, it is always possible to observe people passing by when you enjoy the best food in the delicious restaurant. Things to Do While Visiting Atlanta