Are Your Skincare Products Failing? Here are the reasons for the same!

skincare products

Skincare products are widely available in the market. Whether it’s body care products for black skin or a moisturizer for dry skin, you will get a wide range of products for different skin types. But, sometimes, you don’t get results. The reason for those failures can be either the wrong product choice or the myths that are presumed to be true.

Here are some of the myths that lead to the failure of a skincare routine.

Use of toner is necessary

You don’t need to use toner. A toner can remove dirt and impurities from the skin, but not everyone needs a toner. It can lead to build-up on the skin and lack of absorption. You should use the products that are suitable for your current skin needs. You can remove toner if your skin needs it and add any other product like a moisturizer to have better effects.

Makeup Wipes should be used for removing makeup

Many of us know that makeup wipes give us an efficient way to remove makeup gently, but regular use of makeup wipes can cause hyperpigmentation. It causes friction, and over some time, it will start tearing your skin. Makeup wipes should be used in a limited manner.

The price of a product indicates the working of the product

This one is the greatest myth of all. Most of us feel that a high price product can work well for our skin while a cheaper product can’t do the same thing. But, sometimes, a less expensive product can give you flawless results.

Breakouts can be prevented with a proper skincare routine

This myth is unfortunately not true. A proper skincare routine cannot prevent breakouts as sometimes; breakouts can result from internal gut and stress. You need to adjust your skincare routine as per the changes felt on your skin.

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Self-testing is enough

Testing the skincare products on your own can lead to blunders. Sometimes, when a product works better for our skin, we generally don’t feel the need of consulting a dermatologist. However, this decision can leave you with shocking results. A dermatologist can answer those skin questions that others cannot answer. Therefore, consulting your dermatologist is necessary to have healthy skin.

High Reviews indicates the effectiveness of a product

Higher reviews can show you how effective a product on one’s skin, but it doesn’t need to work the same for you. Every person has a different skin type, and you cannot take decisions based on viral threads or high reviews. If you want to consider reviews as a part of your selection process, focus on those reviews that specify the before and after-effects.


Not every myth is true. One should use a product that suits best to their need. If your skin needs a face wash, use the best face wash for combination skin India. This will give you a better understanding of your skin type, and you will get better results.

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