You’ll Want to Know Where You Can Get These M1 Carbine Parts

M1 carbine

Alright, so not every single item on this list might be called an M1 carbine ‘part’ categorically, but these are some of the most useful parts, accessories and components out there for an M1. There are many, many others – you will note the absence of ‘trigger assembly’ and ‘stock’ on this list, as two examples, but these are highly useful in their own right. That, and you’ll want to know where to get them, should you ever need them.

Spare barrels – For anyone who uses his or her M1 reliably, whether at the range, while hunting (where legal) or as a part of competition, a new (or a spare) barrel will become imperative sooner rather than later. Even a meticulously kept rifle will need a new barrel eventually. Every round you send downrange wears away a little bit from the lands of the rifling. Over time, you’ll witness lower muzzle velocities and diminished accuracy. A barrel replacement is the cure.

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A barrel band with bayonet lugs – Some M1 Carbine variants do not come with bayonet lugs. If you have one of them and you want an avenue to mount a bayonet to yours, you’ll need another avenue. Either you can go off to the gunsmith for some custom work, or you can pick up a handy part like a barrel band that has an integral bayonet lug – that’s a problem solved.

Bolts – Bolts, like hammers, have parts that wear down over time. They also have parts that can break and springs that can fatigue and fail. Sometimes it makes sense to identify the specific part and replace it. Other times, it’s faster and more economical to replace the whole bolt, not to mention more convenient.

Hammers – If you’re missing the hammer from your M1, the firearm won’t work – simple as that. Even with an intact and well aligned firing pin, the hammer is critical to the operation of the action. One more thing – sometimes you might think the hammer is malfunctioning when really it’s the spring. Make sure you check them both before you make any replacements.

Spring Kits – Oftentimes, it is the spring or the catch that fails, rather than the piece that it actuates. This results in poor performance and sometimes it can be remedied with a (relatively) easy spring removal and replacement.

Specialized tools – On that note, in order to access these springs and pins – and other parts, like sights – you need special tools. Wrenches and screwdrivers will take you so far as an aspiring gunsmith, but sometimes you need a special tool just to get the job done. For an M1, these might be receiver wrenches, piston nut wrenches, sight removal tools, and much more.

The only question that remains is one of where you can get these and other M1 carbine parts, reliably. That question has an easy answer – you visit and take it from there.

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