How to Create a Paycheck in QuickBooks Payroll?

QuickBooks Payroll

A check is a paper report that is paid to an employee. On the off chance that you need to make a check in QuickBooks, at that point you first need to set up QuickBooks Payroll for transactions then you will have the option to make single to different QuickBooks check. You can make three kinds of checks in QuickBooks payroll. 

In this blog, we will examine how to make a Paycheck in QuickBooks and the kinds of the QuickBooks Paychecks. 

What are the types of Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll? 

There are three kinds of Paychecks in QuickBooks payroll. We have referenced every one of them as follows: 

Scheduled Payroll Paychecks 

Booked Payroll is the one wherein you pay your delegates on a “standard schedule, for example, step by step, month to month, and so forth It additionally is thought to be under a Scheduled Payroll classification regardless of whether you are paying the employees on a substitute schedule. You need to guarantee that money plan dates are effectively placed in prior to running an arranged account. 

Unscheduled Payroll Paychecks 

This kind of Paychecks will come into the situation when you don’t pay your employees regularly, or you are paying them an “off-cycle” check or prize check, and so on that isn’t bordered with their normal check. 

Termination Check 

You can utilize Termination Checks to take care of the last check to the released or terminated laborers. The organization causes you to enter an agent’s release date and examine them idle(discretionary). For more, you can read How To Create A Final Paycheck For Terminated Employee In QuickBooks

What to do prior to Creating Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop 

Follow the means composed beneath prior to making QuickBooks Paychecks in QB Desktop: 

  • Actuate the Payroll Service. 
  • Download the most recent version of the tax table. 
  • Switch QuickBooks Desktop in single-client mode. 
  • Make a payroll thing. 
  • Supplement the “Employee retaining data”. 
  • Set up “Employee direct deposit data” on the off chance that you need to pay through Direct Deposit. 
  • Produce Paychecks in a similar company file. 
  • Distinguish where you are making QuickBooks checks. 

How to Create a Paycheck in QuickBooks? 

Recorded underneath are the means that assist you with making a check in QuickBooks: 

  1. Select Employees and click on Pay Employees. 
  2. Pick the alternative that is required/relevant to you (browse the beneath given choices) 

In Scheduled payroll: 

  • In Create checks, select Proper timetable. 
  • Pick Start Schedule Payroll and you will have a Payroll Window on the screen. 

In Unscheduled payroll 

You will directly open up with entering Payroll data. 

Termination Check 

Termination is likewise called a late payroll check. Along these lines, follow the means composed beneath to make a termination check: 

Select the Printing Option that is appropriate to you: 

  • For printing, select the necessary alternative. 
  • For check alternatives: 
  • In the line checks, pick print checks. 
  • Pick Hardware and apportion check numbers in the event that they have been composed by hand. 
  • While entering a check number, enter the First Number of check. 

For Direct Deposit choices: 

  • Initially, Print the direct deposit on the check stock to file DD Device. 
  • Appoint the DD numbers to limit direct deposit so it won’t situate in the file check. 
  • Now, find an alphanumeric beginning number and print it on the direct deposit pay stubs. 
  • Pick the employee’s name. 
  • In the event that you need to edit the employee check data, at that point pick the name of the employee so you can run the check subtleties. 
  • The motivation behind doing feature payroll things to change sums prior to producing the checks. 
  • In the event that the employee is utilizing direct deposit, at that point pick the Direct deposit box. 
  • At last, select don’t Accrue Sick/Vicki. You need not wiped out to build on the specific check. 

Note: If you are paying your employees through direct deposit at that point, save the chronic number of a check since you need to fill it in the content notice. 


We have talked about all the sorts and steps to make QuickBooks Paycheck in the above blog.

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