When is it better to post on Social Media?

Social Media
Surely you have asked yourself many times, what is the best time to post on social networks? The answer is simple: When you feel like it! Less rules and more common sense

We are tired of the rules, of the constant comings and goings of gurus with rules to generate more traffic with a topic as hot and important as the timing of the publications.

Quite a few studies claim that the best day to post is Wednesday, others, however, say that you get higher CTR on weekends, and still others, that everything posted on weekends is not cool. Then?

Not to mention the tools that tell us when we have more activity on our timeline, but does this guarantee that tweets will work better for us? Well surely not.

And what will guarantee us success? Common sense .

Bearing in mind that each user segment is totally different , don’t be so easily guided by these studies. And this will help you for everything: when you publish a post, SEO parameters, etc … always apply your own conclusions after doing many tests and above all, measuring the results. This is the only possible formula if you want to achieve results.

Imagine if you publish a post on IG or on twitter at the supposed best moment, when your entire audience is connected. Now think, won’t that precise moment be the worst to publish a post because it is the busiest time?

At the end of the day, neither your audience nor your message is mine, therefore, it is better not to indoctrinate with rules and get carried away a little by what works for each one, generating, with the passage of time and tests, your own modus operandi of success. And still, keep constantly analyzing, what works for you today will not work for you tomorrow.

I throw you a question to reflect, why do you focus on knowing when your message will work better if what may fail is your message?

Analyze the content that has worked best for you, for example with iconosquare for Instagram or Tikanalytics for TikTok , study your competition to find out what works best for you or ask your users directly.