Conversion Rate Optimization Vs Search Engine Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Vs search engine optimization

SEO and CRO are kind of like men and women, they are both equally important and valuable. However, they both have different strengths, and they both work great when they work together. The basic principles of SEO are fundamentally the same as those of CRO – just give people what they want. Conversion Rate Optimization Vs Search Engine Optimization (hopefully you do both) uses clear, descriptive copy to explain what they sell.

My elevator pitch for CRO is, “give people what they want” and I think we can all agree that SEO works on the same principle. So, the foundation of both SEO and CRO is to give people the information they want as efficiently as possible. You may have a perfectly optimized site for SEO, but, if your visitors are met with dirty navigation and confusing text then you may lose great leads. If you want to improve your Conversion Rate Optimization in your website so our Zebravo company defiantly help in your website improvement in google ranking visit now SEO Company London, and Here are 5 ways CRO affects SEO.

1: Dwell Time

Dwell Time has been an SEO catchphrase ever since Duane Forrester from Bing told the world that dwell time (not bounce rate) was something they factored into their rankings.  This created a phenomenon that reminds me of the “above the fold” or “duplicate content” cliques.

The truth is that the dwell rate is only important, well, if it is important.  If a visitor needs to find your phone number on their mobile device, they want a fast answer. In that scenario, dwell time is a bad thing.  On the other hand, Facebook had better have a high dwell time or they will go the way of Myspace.  Please don’t jump on this bandwagon.  If the dwell rate is irrelevant to your business, then you do not need to worry about it.

If Dwell time plays an important role in your conversion funnel, you are allowed to focus on it for both SEO and CRO.  Everything from your website’s design, the content, the CTAs and especially your use of multi-media, can affect a visitor’s dwell time.  The best way to find out why customers are leaving your site prematurely is to ask them.  Use a tool like a quarto to find out what your site is missing. You can also talk to your sales team, and mine them for the most commonly asked customer questions.

2: Social Sharing

Did you know that customers who stay engaged with a brand will spend an average of 20-40% more?  The way this affects SEO is; that the customers who stay engaged with you, are the same customers who will share your content on their social profiles.  Now, if you are Wil Reynolds, you might be rolling your eyes right now.  I know Wil, social media doesn’t directly affect SEO (yet.)  I am talking about the second-tier benefits of using social media for link building.

When is it better to post on Social Media?

Actionable Tip:  One of my SEO role models just shared this Google Analytics report.  It will show you which referral sources lead to conversions. Get the Report,

I suggest you configure the report (read the instructions), and determine which social media channels are the most portable to your company.  Now, optimize your site for those social accounts.  Slingshot You does a great job at this. They point visitors towards Facebook as a primary conversion.

3: Branded Keywords:

If you want to turn the word “distilled” into a query for an SEO company, instead of a water purification process, you are going to need branded keyword searches. How do you get those Search queries?  You get them by building a powerful brand with happy customers who will return to you again and again!

Did Do you know that 52% of shoppers will avoid a website if its design was displeasing?  If we follow this logic one step forward, then the only way to retain 52% of your shoppers is to have a professionally designed website.   The first official Google algorithm update (that I know of) to favour brands was the Vince update back in 2009.  Since then, branded keyword queries have continued to factor into a site’s authority.  If you want to be remembered, optimize your site’s UX, and it will help all aspects of your business.

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4: Search Intent:

It seems appropriate to piggyback off branded keywords and launch into search intent.  Search intent is another layer of determining what your customers “mean” by their searches.  For example, if you Google “suits,” you will see results for the hit TV show, not the popular business outfit.  As you create the strategy around your copy, you should keep in mind that all words have different meanings, and it is our job to make sure a visitor finds exactly what they are looking for.  You don’t want to run the risk of publishing a copy-editing fop like the one below (not an actual headline.)

Social media is the best source to research search intent.  Take your main categories, keywords and headlines and run them through social media mining tools.  You will gain insight into the ways real people talk about your keywords, and how they use them in sentences.  Some of my favourite tools are Tops and Social Mention. This will help you optimize the copy on your website because you will have a greater understanding of how your customers perceive each keyword.

5: Happy Customers Leave Reviews

Reviews provide social proof for your visitors.  They give your site a level of freshness and UGC that would otherwise be lost, and they give you the opportunity to show star ratings in SERPs.  Once a customer purchases from you, the next step is to encourage them to share their experience with future shoppers.

Netflix and Amazon are expert re-marketers.  After you meet a gaol with their products, they send you an automated “review request.”  In the case of Netflix, they ask you to rate the quality of a video.  Targeting happy customers with product review requests is one of the easiest ways to produce a consistent flow of reviews. Mailchimp has a free plan, I recommend you sign up for a Mailchimp’s account, to start sending these requests.