What is the story behind the creation of planets? Do they affect humans?

9 planets solar system has great significance in astrology

The base of astrological factors is planets and their rotation as we can consider the planets to control the life of human beings. Planets in astrology play a significant role in our lives. Many people are astonished by the fact that how the planets that are rotating miles far away from our universe can affect the life of human behaviour. But that is true that somewhere the planets are interconnected with humans and stirs them in various negative and positive aspects. SUVICH will help you to know every myth and reality of the creation of planets in this blog. Let us start reading out planet history.

The Planet History

In science, there are many theories related to the origin of planets but this theory is the most prominent among them. 

The planets originated from the gas and dust of various stars. The birth of different planets takes place almost billions of years ago where many situations were created to establish a solar system in the universe. 

Our Solar system consists of the Sun which is surrounded by 8 consecutive planets that are rotating in its orbit. These 8 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars that are closest to the Sun, and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune are farthest from the Sun with major components as gas. 

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The sun was originated by a Cloud stuffed with dust and gases like hydrogen and helium, known as Nebula in the Milky Way Galaxy. This cloud started collapsing with its atoms, as the result, it generated heat. The temperature was so high that the protons at the center started fusion, this phenomenon was called nuclear fusion and this is how the universal source of energy the Sun was originated.

The material of the nebula was not completely involved in the formation of the Sun. As if the remaining particles started moving around it. Now, these particles and atoms started combining. In the beginning, some atoms bond together and form a ball-like structure and some become as large as other stars. These round balls were large enough to easily drag other objects of the universe. After that, the crashes of various objects started happening and an egg-shaped orbit was created around the Sun. 

When these orbits were created the other eight stable planets cleaned their orbits.

According to some studies the Sun gives the energy and particles in the form of a wave that is called stellar winds. These stellar winds can clean the nearer objects from the Sun. This is the reason they are called rocky planets. On the other hand, this wind was not able to fly away from the dust and ice of farther planets, that is why they are still gaseous (mainly hydrogen and helium) and rocky planets. The gravity of the Sun has pulled the heavier planets near it. 

There are many asteroids like a piece of metals, rocks, and ice, of different sizes present in between the planets of outer and inner regions that are left during the formation of the solar system. There is no planet in this area because the gravity of Jupiter was controlled by this region. This planet is big enough that it can become a star. Among all the rocky planets, the smallest one is Mercury and the Earth and Venus are of the same size whereas Mars is half of the planet Earth. 

So this is how our solar system was formed and now take a look at how planetary influences human life. 

How planets affect Human behavior?

The planets and humans originated from common sources like dust, water, fire, air, and sky. That is the reason that the 9 planets solar system has great significance in astrology and affects human life. Let us know how each planet is affecting human life. 

According to the birth chart, an experienced astrologer can accurately tell which planet can affect human life. Start with the Sun.

Sun – In Vedic astrology the Sun is included as a planet that is the owner of maximum powers and called the king of the natal chart. Sun can define the real personality of a person. When this planet is strong in your natal chart then it can offer you power and prosperity but if the planet is weak and affiliated with some wrong house then it can destroy too.

Moon – The Moon is the god of emotions as it controls the mind and emotions of humans. If a person has a strong moon can help you to overcome all the difficulties. Moon is responsible for your psychological states but if this planet is not in a favorable condition then it may disturb your mental health. Cancer is the zodiac sign that rules the Moon.

Mars – This is the most significant planet on the native’s birth chart as its effects depend on its position and affiliated planets. This planet symbolizes the power of natives and also can increase your excitement and enthusiasm level. People who have strong Mars in their birth chart are very dominating personalities and can overcome their anger and fear of anything, but if Mars is not in a favorable condition then it can negatively affect the person.

Mercury – This planet is related to the thinking capability of a person. When Mercury is placed in the right position then it grows the learning, thinking, and logical power of the native. But if Mercury is weak and situated in the wrong natal house then it will obstruct their thinking capacity and the person can lead towards destructive things.     

Jupiter – This planet is the symbol of good luck growth. Like other planets, if the planet is in a good position then it will affect positively and if in a bad condition then it will affect it negatively. 

Venus – This planet is the symbol of Love. Since it has an effect on a person’s love life.

In the Last

We hope you understand the theory of planet history and how it affects human life. For more information contact SUVICH – The Real Astrology.