Top 5 Ways Cable TV Providers Target Millennials Using Social Media

Recently updated on November 8th, 2022 at 10:44 pm

Millennials are one of the fastest-growing groups of buyers in most industries all across the world. While Gen Z is a humongous group that has started to get purchasing power, most companies know that millennials are currently their best bet. This is because they are now well into their adult lives, and want all the relevant amenities, from Charter Spectrum Cable to the best vacuum cleaners in the market. Therefore, companies would do well if they target this age group with their marketing strategies.  

But what exactly is the best marketing method to target millennials? They were the first generation to grow up with social media in their formative years, so they truly embody it even in their adult lives. Therefore, social media is the ideal platform to capture this audience and entice it to buy products and services. Like every industry, cable TV providers also understand this. In fact, they need to work hard on their marketing because of the millennial propensity for streaming services. There are a number of ways these providers attract millennials on social media, with some of them as follows.  

Use Video Content 

Millennials respond best to video content. They want their information in a visual rather than textual way, with clear graphics and messages. So, cable TV providers and other companies now focus on putting out short videos, ranging from mini product guides to various behind-the-scenes videos.  

This sort of content helps grab their attention and retain information in a better way. This is a tried and tested method, so you should definitely include it in your marketing repertoire.  

Offer New Promotions 

As millennials are constantly bombarded with new information and exciting deals on social media, you need to stay in their attention span as well. Therefore, if you offer various exciting deals and promotions with your cable TV services, then you can grab their attention and attract them.  

When is it better to post on Social Media?

These new promotions can include bundles, upgrades, and even prizes for conducting various transactions. This way, you can remain on their social media feeds, so that you don’t fall out of the spotlight.   

Change Marketing Tone 

Gone are the days when a formal tone with flowery language dictated communication. Now, you need to get with the times and talk to millennials in their lingo. They respond better to short and instant communications, so your social media marketing should consist of just that. Get your message across in just a few words, and use a lot of action words to urge purchases.  

A casual and communicative tone will help you get more leads because millennials and Gen Z respond well to such language and are generally turned off by overly formal communication.  

Follow the Latest Trends 

Social media is all about the latest trends and inexplicable fads. From the mannequin challenge to various other such phenomena, you never know what will go viral. However, you must keep an eye on what is currently going viral and use it in your social media marketing. Of course, make sure whatever you do does not clash with your brand’s persona.  

However, if you do follow these viral trends, your own videos and posts may go viral and millennials will also appreciate your brand more. This will give you a wider reach, with the potential to get more customers.  

Show Corporate Social Responsibility 

Millennials are one of the most environmentally and culturally aware generations in history. They feel more responsibility towards various causes and want their preferred brands to have some sort of social conscience as well.

What Not to Do When Using Social Media for Business?

Therefore, you should run a few corporate social responsibility programs, and also work with a few charities and organizations for good causes. Then, share what you do with these organizations on your social media feeds. This will help you get a millennial audience that appreciates what you do and is more inclined to buy their cable TV connections from you.

Gen Z is even more socially conscious than the millennial generation, so you need to set your foundation in this regard well in advance. Make sure your social media feed does not have any problematic language or posts, and that you focus on diversity and inclusion in general.  

In conclusion, cable TV providers can leverage social media in a number of ways to target millennials. Most of these ways are quite easy to implement, so you shouldn’t take much time to do so.