Top 8 Social Media Management Tools To Try Out In 2021

Social Media Management Tools

In today’s era, the power of social media platforms is infinite. If you are lucky and use the technique right, in no one time your social media campaign can turn into the latest hot news. If that is your dream, social media marketing tools are an inevitable component. They are your key to streamlining workflows and devising strategies so that your best content reaches the targeted audience at the right time. know the best social media management tools to manage your Business. 

We have compiled a list of the 8 best social media management tools to try your hand at in the year 2021. Let’s see.



Among the ocean of tools available out there, Sendible has stood out as the most preferred choice of the agencies. Its unique build aids them in dealing with multiple social media accounts of their huge list of clients. It acts as a hassle-free medium where you can schedule the desired post across different social media platforms or merge it with blogs and social sharing sites to engage with your target audience. Its most recognized feature is the customizable dashboard opportunity which can be altered according to your organization’s branding idea. Sendible is also known for its seamless integration such as – adding slack to enhance communication or the priorly synced ones such as canvas, royalty-free image search, and YouTube search.


Unique features:

– Provides some level of automation to improve work efficiency.

– Available as a mobile app to get notifications on the go.

– Gives feedback on the impact of your social media accounts and email campaigns

– Listing tool prioritizes reply to the audience

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Buffer is a popular scheduling tool that is opted for by numerous brands. Businesses and individuals whose primary aim is to drive more traffic to their social media accounts to gain desired results. It is a very intuitive, streamlined platform that allows you to tailor your content only with a few clicks. You have the freedom to choose however you want to post across your various social media channels. With an effective range of publishing, engagement, and analytics targeted products, working is seamless. Moreover, what’s surprising is that it has a free trial version that is compatible with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook while offering a host of options to play around with. However, you are restricted to only one social profile per network. But no worries you can expand as per your needs by opting for the paid option that helps you unlock multiple profiles. 


Unique Features:

– Friendly and effective customer support for guidance

– Allows up to 25 team members for efficient working

– Provides Buffer chrome extension to add any useful content that you find while surfing the web



Hootsuite is your one-stop destination for successful social media management across multiple sites. It made it into the mainstream in 2008 and has the largest user base which constitutes about 15 million people. No doubt it exists on most of the listicles that are available out there. It reduces work effort and time by assembling everything in one platform which can be handled from a single dashboard. The main reason attributed to its widespread use is the diverse tools. You can do it all – starting from content curation to scheduling, understanding the ROI, running ads, and more. Additionally, the automation tools and separate search & filter options that find brand mentions and insights make it one of its kind. 


Unique features:

– Has a limited free plan with all the features

– Top-notch security to safeguard password, log in and other profile credentials

– Allows several integrations for greater efficiency such as – Asana, Slack, Mailchimp, Trello

– Hootsuite Academy adds to your learning



In terms of working Sprout social has similar working as Hootsuite which applies to a large organization or team. It simplifies the work of a company’s social media administrator to judge various social media accounts in one space. Its user-friendly aspect makes it a popular choice. The basic functionality with the option for customization appeals to a greater crowd. The single-stream inbox manages all the messages and helps in assigning priorities to minimize workload. The Viralpost tool suggests the best time for posting to boost engagement. Like most other tools, it has a 30-day free trial period, post which you need to resort to the four-month subscription plan. However, it’s advisable to opt for an annual subscription that gives you a 10% discount.


Unique features:

– Provides an in-depth suite of analytics for social media as well as measuring team performance

– Offers a handy keyword search and monitor feature

– The reporting tools provide wholesome reports on all aspects

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Agorapulse is another all-in-one platform for businesses and markets to effectively manage their social media accounts. Apart from scheduling your posts beforehand, you can also take advantage of the queue function to publish your most liked work again and again for increased reach. It works with a wide range of networks – so that concern is out of the books. The social inbox feature monitors the conversation threads on your behalf by streamlining the replies to posts, mentions, or any other message that requires your attention. It has several pricing options to choose from according to the number of users and profiles with available customizations.


Unique features:

– Includes the CRM database that aids in tracking and updating the follower list

– Produces one-click reports that are convertible to well-designed PowerPoint format

– Data can be seamlessly exported to excel for evaluation



For anyone who is on the lookout for a simple and cost-effective social management tool, the Social pilot must be your pick. This platform is a go-to choice for most users for its beginner-friendly user interface. However, there is no compromise when it comes to the services available – post scheduling to in-depth analytics as well as detailed reports everything is available at your fingertips in a single dashboard. The high-quality white paper reports generated by the platform have been constantly praised by the users. Agency tools come in handy when organizations are planning to create a dedicated workflow for the team members. With prices ranging from $30 -$100 / per month, it is a very affordable option.


Unique features:

– It curates and suggests content from various domains (lifestyle, education, fitness, health, etc)

– It connects clients through the software directly without any need for login details. It is a huge advantage to tackle cybercrime and gain client trust and confidence. 



As interesting as it sounds, the Napoleon cat is an all-rounder tool that can be owned by absolutely anyone. In terms of functionality and available services, it is unbeatable – you can publish, engage in conversation as well as track your efforts in one go. What’s interesting is that – it allows you to have pre-sales conversation threads, automatically replies to the queries raised which as a sum drastically brings down the social media response time. Due to the auto-moderation feature, it is successful in improving efficiency while cutting down costs up to 70%. Handling repetitive questions, deleting spams, or working while you are asleep everything is taken care of. It is available in two models – the standard and the pro plan. Research suggests that most people reach out for the pro plan to get their hands on the terrific set of available features. 


Unique Features:

– Has an in-house help center with articles and video tutorials to guide the newcomers.

– The reporting feature allows you to custom design social media PDF reports taking all the key -metrics into consideration



Unlike the other tools on the list, BuzzSumo is a unique research tool that can give you the much-needed competitive edge over your competitors. Unlike the traditional tools, this analytic suite gets you covered at finding the current trends and sighting out the best-suited one for your business. From content to topics and even keywords it has its accessibility to all major domains. The killer combination of the influencer tracker added with the competitor analysis feature has fetched this tool a long fan following over time. Before you sit to pen down your content, BuzzSumo presents you with the latest hot sellers across social media platforms.


Unique Features:

– Enjoy the benefit of getting live updates on keywords, brand names, links, and author-name

– Another affordable option available at $99 per month with one month free trial period


Every social media marketer wants to make it to the top but that won’t be easy. From creating to publishing and simultaneously tracking all your actions, the everyday job load is significant, and the only way you ace it all is by choosing the right social media management tools

With the wide range of options available in the market, it is easy to get confused. So follow our list and make the right choice to gain maximum benefits. Your main target should always be on increasing efficiency and attaining heights.

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