A quick guide to do’s and dont’s while wearing t shirts with collar

t shirts with collar

T-shirts with collar have been ruling the men’s market for ages and are one of the most sought attires for casual wear. These t-shirts have multiple advantages associated with them and are never going to lose their charm. Ranging from the comfort it offers to its versatility, materials and plethora of colour options, there are some real good reasons for these shirts being an all-time favourite amongst boys and men. Though these shirts are highly trendy and fashionable, there are certain rules that one must abide by while picking on t-shirts with a collar. So here we list down a few rules that one should pay heed to while wearing collar t-shirts:

Wear a well-fitted t-shirt

Despite the colour, style or brand of t-shirt that you are wearing, always make sure that you get a pair that fits you well. The shirt should be such that it adequately glides over your body without making you feel restless owing to a tight fit nor is loose enough to make another person get inside the same shirt. Hence always buy good quality t shirts with collar of the right size so that you do not face any fitting issues.

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Shirt-in or shirt-out- decide for yourself

T shirts with collar can be worn by tucking them inside your pants, whereas it also allows you the freedom of untucking them as per your convenience. Whilst formal pants can go with the tuck-in pattern, half pant for men and jeans can be worn with a t-shirt out fashion. So it entirely depends on the situation and the type of attire you wear to decide whether the shirt needs to be left out loose or needs a tuck-in.

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Always have basic and neutral colours in your closet

T shirts with a collar are available in a wide range of colours. The colour palette of these shirts is such that you name it, and you will soon get one in hand. So you do not have to restrict yourself only to basic and neutral shades. You can go ahead to fill your closets with a mixed combo of basic and bright colours to don on a t-shirt as per your mood and the need of the hour. Basic shades are perfect for formal wear, whereas bright colours have mostly opted when you have to go out for a casual affair.

Keep athletic wears away

T-shirts with collar are available in multiple variants, and thus you might be pretty aware of their availability as athletic wear. Though it may be easy to grab a white-coloured t-shirt with a collar that you usually wear while playing tennis, you should consider keeping such athletic wears at bay while you step out for a casual outing. These athletic t-shirts are made using synthetic materials that allow ease in movement while playing games. Thus these shirts are a great piece of clothing while one gets ready for a sporty session, but this may not offer the same level of comfort when you wear such shirts as casual wear. For casual trips, you should always consider wearing t-shirts with collar made of cotton fabrics to experience comfort and relaxation in every move you make.

Avoid oversized logo t-shirts

Wearing t-shirts with collar with large logos have been doing rounds for quite some time now. But it is better to avoid t-shirts that have large logos embossed in them as it cuts down the maturity factor. A tiny little logo on one side of your chest is fine to showcase the brand you are wearing, but an oversized logo t-shirt can turn out to be a total spoiler. Hence, whenever you buy these t-shirts, make sure that you check the size of the logo.

Avoid wearing undershirts

Men usually wear undershirts to absorb sweat and to offer extra coverage to one’s body. But you need to know that these t-shirts are designed such that they can provide ample coverage to your body owing to their length and materials used for making the same. Further, wearing undershirts under t shirts with collar can also cause your t-shirts to crumple near the collars and can also make you uncomfortable as it may slip down below the sleeves.

Do not leave all the buttons open

Whilst leaving all the buttons unbuttoned may make you highlight your Tom Cruise looks, it may not look eye-pleasing to the passers-by. Keeping all the buttons open gives you a sloppy and unorganised look. So, consider buttoning up at least a single button of your t-shirt so that you do not look untidy.


We hope we have penned down a few goods do’s and don’ts in regard to your t-shirts with a collar. So next time you take out a t-shirt from your cupboard, make sure that you check out this guide to ensure you are doing it all right!