Makeup Puffs: What You Need to Know?

Makeup puff manufacturers

Makeup puff manufacturers: manufacture makeup puffs in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but the most popular among them is egg-shaped beauty sponges. Nowadays you can see multiple types of beauty blender in the market which are used for different applications. But sometimes, it isn’t easy to decide which is appropriate for which application.

Sometimes we think that the makeup powder puff is enough for the skin. Still, in reality, if you are a professional model, cosplayer, or makeup artist, you know that different types of sponges are essential and highly important for setting up your makeup and give you a natural look.

So, here wee is some of the most used makeup puff, which will help you select between what suits you the best.

Types of makeup sponges

1.Beauty blender

Makeup puff manufacturers consider beauty blenders as one of the most preferred makeup tools these days. They are specially designed for applying and blending creamy foundations and liquid products onto the skin. Also, these blenders give your ski a smooth and poreless finish.

Moreover, these blenders are famous for their ‘exclusive aqua-activated foam.’ These beauty blenders are usually present in a sphere shape and are bets for contouring and concealing.

So, how to use these sponges? It is effortless to use by just making your sponge wet and squeezing the excess amount of water, and apply the product to it. You can easily apply foundation, serums, concealer, beauty balms (more commonly known as bb creams), and moisturizers through these blenders.

These beauty blenders are well known for giving poreless and flawless finish and are considered great applicators. However, if you use them dry, they will absorb your makeup product, and due to their shape, they cannot reach every facial contour.

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2.Wedge-shaped makeup sponge

Some people face difficulty using the makeup sponge, so people start using a Wedge-shaped makeup sponge, which is a more innovative way to use sponges. These sponges can do the same function as beauty blenders, as they can smoothly blend creamy and liquid foundations and other makeup products. The only essential difference between the beauty blender and the wedge sponge is the design of the sponge.

The wedges sponge has a flat edge and bottom that enable it to reach all the facial counterparts challenging to get through a beauty blender. So, how to use it? You only have to wet the sponge and tap on the area where you want to apply the product.

Moreover, these sponges are highly beneficial. The wedge skinny and edge part is usually preferred for contouring small areas like the nose and perfect for areas that have to reach like under the eye or around the eyebrows.

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So, these sponges are more versatile and multiple functional than the beauty blenders and shine when it comes to precise applications. They are composed of hydrophilic foam, which is designed to absorb water. However, these wedge sponges are preferred for one-time use.

3.Pretty Puff makeup sponge

The Pretty Puff makeup sponges do the work of both the beauty blender and the wedges sponges. They have a unique teardrop shape design that can easily reach every area of your skin and has a flat edge for patting, pressing, and pushing makeup into the skin. These unique features and shapes make it highly appropriate to use and give you a finish like an airbrush-esque finish.

It is not composed of hydrophilic foam, which usually absorbs makeup. So, do not need to worry; these sponges will cover every detail as they can easily contour the side of the nose, under the eyes and other smaller areas.

Moreover, these sponges are durable and last longer if you keep them safe and are reliable. However, you need to take care of it; otherwise, bacteria breeding can take place. So, clean the sponge regularly before using it and after applying the makeup.

4.Silicone makeup sponge

Another makeup tool that is highly beneficial for applying makeup is the silicone makeup sponge. It is usually flat in shape with round edges and is perfect and ideal for only applying cream or liquid foundation. One of the most significant benefits that makeup puff manufacturers consider about these sponges is that they do not absorb a single ounce of your beauty products, which means no product waste.

They allow you to blend the makeup easily and apply liquid foundations, but they will not work for powder makeup products. They save your makeup product.

Additionally, they are not porous like wedge sponges and beauty blender, which means don’t harbor any bacteria. Also, they are easy to clean, and you can sanitize and reuse them without any concern. However, these sponges are not suitable for blending but provide you smooth coverage.

5.Microfiber makeup sponge

Microfiber makeup sponges are velvet soft and are perfect for applying powder application on which silicon makeup sponges don’t work. They are mainly used for applying and setting powder and replacing makeup brushes. How to use this microfiber makeup sponge? You can damp them and quickly blend your liquid foundation and apply powder as well.

These makeup sponges are composed of dense fibers and offer the user full dense and concentrated-full coverage of any powder application. Moreover, they are perfect for applying bronzer, blush, or other powder applications in your makeup routine.

Now you do not need to put different brushes for applying powder as this one microfiber brush can fully fill the function of all the powder application products. These brushes are highly versatile, but some adjustments to their stiff fuzzy texture and found it disturbing.

Further, you can sue them to set the concealer by applying powder under the eyes. It will provide you a flawless finish and smooth feel.

These makeup sponges play a significant role in making your makeup set perfectly onto your skin in you feel natural and light after applying the makeup. These applicators are highly essential, like makeup products, as they play a vital role in skin allergies and breakout.

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