Pneumatic Rivet Guns: Pros, Cons, And Working

Pneumatic Tool For Rivet Nut

Want to have high volume projects and a faster rivet nut insertion process? Then go for pneumatic tool for rivet nut Installation, perfect for various application and high-volume projects. They save your time and reduce the fatigue that a person goes through with manual tools as they allow for a quicker rivet nut enclosure process. Also, they need a foundation of compressed air for operation.

But, if you have to put hundreds of rivet nuts every day manually, would it be hard? Yes, it will be very time-consuming and require more effort, so Pneumatic rivet guns are there to make your work easier and manageable. Moreover, you can attach rivet nut more cleanly, efficiently, and effortlessly from these guns instead of using many efforts from these guns. Here we will discuss the working and pros and cons of the rivet guns.

How does Pneumatic rivet guns work?

Pneumatic rivet guns are also known as pneumatic hammers, which operate when the operator compresses air pushes the rivet nut into the place where an operator presses the trigger. It is a quick process; you can do it in two simple steps.

  • Place the rivet nut at the end of the object
  • insert rivet nut into the hole and fire
  • delivered rivet nut into space, and the hook’s tail is trodden to lock it in place.

Moreover, it requires air to perform a task. These air rivet guns are attached to an air compressor by a hose, and it rearranges instantly after firing. In structured steel industries, they are used at large-scale, and smaller guns like power drills are used for load, point, and shoot. Here are some pros and drawbacks of the rivet gun.

Pros of Rivet Guns

rivet nut tools offer immeasurable benefits and vast applications. It is preferred to use cordless and battery-powered rivet guns as they are quicker and better than manual installation. Some of the advantages of pneumatic riveters include:

  • They are Lightweight, and even the gun for heavy-duty doesn’t weigh more than 12 pounds, making it much easier to handle and manage while working.
  • It makes your work more quickly and easy to use, as it allows you to put multiple rivets in a short duration. So, you can work without any fatigue that you usually face while riveting manually.
  • They don’t require any rechargeable power source as they have a greater lifespan, and their batteries don’t get down quickly. You can work without any stress of charge, running out, or replacing batteries.
  • It is highly versatile than a pressed insert. It is made from steel, stainless steel, and brass, which is not affected by high temperature and makes it an appropriate choice for objects like plastic or wood where conventional welding is impractical.
  • It provides you quality riveting as the rivet guns deliver accuracy and efficiency in your work.
  • These machines have less margin of error than with a manual riveter.

Cons of Rivet Guns

Despite the pros, they are not suitable for every application. Here is some drawback od rivet nut.

  • They have a limited range depending upon their air hoses. Sometimes, it is hard to reach the areas you can quickly get when you are manually inserting the nuts. Also, some work requires manual attachments, so it depends on what purpose you are using them.
  • It is challenging to repair these guns and are expensive as well. So any technical fault may cause a problem in your work. You need to maintain your gun by oiling the tool and using tightening fasteners to work correctly.
  • For correct rivet, the gun operation is you need to ensure the right pressure of the compressor. Also, you should maintain your compressor and hold the air hose by oiling.

Common Uses of a rivet gun

The pneumatic tool for rivet nut has multiple uses, such as

  • It is used in the aerospace and automotive industries for assembling the tight spaces and lines of different objects, which require fast, powerful, and convenient riveting.
  • They also are frequently used in construction and metal fabrication.
  • They are also used in the home for multiple working. It gives a pleasant aesthetic effect to your work without putting too much stress on your hands.

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