Importance of Pest Control in School and Office

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Pests are something that no one wants to welcome in their homes, offices or at any places where we stay, work, study or even hangout. As the weather changes to spring these unwanted creatures will mark their reappearing really soon. The best possible thing that we can do to avoid these creatures is to ensure proper inspection around your area before the weather changes. Most obviously one should always book an inspection appointment for workplaces or schools as in these areas hold a massive number of human exposures.

Why do You need to Control Pest Attacks in Schools?

Children spend a significant amount of time in school, improper pest management can lead to health issues and even can reduce the attendance of an individual. There are ample of suitable places in schools where pests easily put up their shelter like in lockers, cafeterias, library, etc. As school is a place which is exposed to children in large amount, hence it becomes very important to ensure proper hygiene.

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Schools are basically huge spaces thus it also becomes very hard to manage is without any professional help. Full attention should be given in managing these pest attacks.  Another main thing is large spaces need a good amount of pest control products and an extra amount of controllers which means good expenses. The best you can do is to find an affordable pest control service near me.

How can you ensure proper pest control management?

  • Weekly inspection of school premise.
  • Proper use of pesticides.
  • Cleanliness
  • Keeping a check on wooden furniture and walls.
  • Look for local pest control service for school

 When Should Pesticide Be Used at School?

Exposure to pesticides can cause health issues in children or people in offices, the best time to apply pesticides in these areas in the weekend when you can ensure no will be around for 24 hours’ time span.

Why Is it Important to Manage Pest Attacks in Office Environment?

How will you feel if you are welcomed by a bunch of nasty pests, instead of humans in your office? Not good right. This is why a proper pest control management is required in offices areas as it is a place of work for many peoples, thus healthy and hygiene atmosphere should be a foremost requirement in areas like these. Just like a school office to are large space, thus it also demands experts or pest control companies to look after it. The large area needs an extra amount of workforce and product, thus cheap and quality pest control service should be a priority.

Which Method Is the Best for Prevention of Pest Infestations?

  • Keep the garbage area clean and sanitized
  • Keep foods and water in closed containers
  • Clear areas where pest tends to hide.
  • Keep a check on wooden furniture.

What Are The Natural Pest Controlling Methods?

There are many homemade ways to get a hold on pest attacks but for a short amount of time. But it does work in urgent needs for the temporary time span.

  • Put bugs spray in areas where pest commonly attacks.
  • Keep watch on window seals and walls.
  • Removing water logging or food leftover.
  • Replaces hollow furniture.
  • Use essential oil in cleaning water.

Now the Question Is How to Ensure Proper Pest Control Service?

  • Proper weekly pest control service.
  • Ensure cleaning in areas like café, hallways, trash areas, conference halls etc.
  • Ensure replacing hollow wooden furniture.

Now in both cases, the main thing in requirement is a good pest control service provider for schools and offices. When you will search for pest control service near me, you will get ample of options including us (Ecoguard).

Why You Choose Ecoguard Pest Control Service?

Pest has been a major problem in Brisbane, due to its pest favourable weather. Thus, they understand how frequent a pest control service is required. Therefore, their motive is to try providing quality service in cheaper price so that it doesn’t feel a burden for their clients. In addition, they also believe in customer satisfaction and a healthy customer relationship.

You can also have a check on our Google reviews and ratings before choosing them. They won’t disappoint you. They also provide free inspections in their packages and also uses products which are pet friendly and harmless to kids as well.

Why Their Service Is Good?

  • Affordable service
  • Kids and pets friendly
  • Uses natural products
  • Stainless and smell of free service.
  • Provides service for commercial, residential and for cafes and restaurants.


It becomes very much important to ensure a proper pest-free atmosphere in places which are exposed to a large number of people as health can’t be compromised at any cost. Hence, places like office and school require special care in terms of pest control management. Therefore, believing in a reliable source becomes very important. Choosing the best pest control service around me is much important.