5 Things to look for in a wireless headphones before buying them

wireless headphones

The wireless came and took the tech world by storm and the only reason why people are still using the wired headphones and wired earphones is that they are relatively cheap.

Everyone knows that the convenience and the overall experience provided by the wireless headphones is unmatched. However, the wireless headphones can be far pricier than the wired-ones and that is why not getting the experience you have anticipated from your wireless headphones can be frustrating, to say the least. 

To make your purchase worthwhile, here are some things that must be considered before buying the wireless headphones.


As with most good things in life, premium wireless headphones do not come cheap. However, sometimes, you are priced unfairly and you can easily get the same features in other headphones for half the price. Headphones Price in Pakistan can be reasonable if you are getting your headphones from reliable sites like Dab Lew Tech.

Nevertheless, if you are searching for headphones with fantastic sound quality, great noise cancellation and other exceptional features, then you would be expected to pay more. However, if you are only looking for good quality headphones that could stay with you for a while, then paying a little price is justified. 

Sound Quality

Whether you are an audiophile or not, getting a good sound quality is the paramount job of headphones. Therefore, before purchasing any pair of headphones or earphones, make sure you are satisfied with the sound quality it offers.

Comfort, Form, and size

Be it a tech-savvy or a layman, comfort, form, and size are the three areas that most people focus on. Since headphones are the accessories that users wear for multiple hours in a day, it is crucial for them to be at least comfortable. 

The other feature that people are concerned with, is obviously the style. The headphones are considered futuristic devices, that is why plain or boring looking wireless headphones would not attract much attention. 

Currently, there are three forms of wireless headphones, in-ear, over-ear and on-ear. 

The in-ear is the most innovative among all and it is the area that many tech companies are trying to revolutionize in terms of styles and functionality. The on-ear and over-ear headphones cover the entire ear, with the former just focusing more on the top of the ear.

Pairing and Controlling

If you are someone who is used to wired headphones, then you are likely in the habit of controlling the play/pause option and the volume with physical buttons. Since you cannot manually control the wireless headphones, using them will take some getting used to. Most of the wireless headphones have controls on their earpieces, though modern headphones are coming up with touch control. There are also some advanced headphones that can be monitored through external apps.

Another thing that needs your attention is the pairing of your headphones with external devices. Most headphones use Bluetooth technology for the pairing up with your phone or any other device, but there are also headphones with NFC functionality. Other headphones use the combination of both technologies, which means you can either pair your headphones via Bluetooth or tap on your device to enable NFC.

The Battery Life

People who are in the habit of using wired headphones are entirely alien to the concept of battery life for their headphones. Nevertheless, this is one of the essential parts of wireless headphones and it seriously needs your consideration. 

This requires some research because most wireless headphones work great for a few hours with sufficient battery, however, once the battery starts to drain significantly the sound quality and everything else drops. Another thing that you need to be wary of is the time it takes to get your headphones charged. The headphones that take too long to charge and too short to drain the battery are not reliable, irrespective of the features they offer.

Although you can use the wireless headphones while they are charging, it just kills the purpose of getting wireless headphones, as it won’t be wireless anymore. This means that all the reasons, such as convenience and portable advantages that made you buy the wireless headphones in the first place are no longer available to you.

headphones can be a blessing for people who are easily frustrated by tangles. If you are on the lookout for affordable wireless headphones or earphones, visit and explore the variety of Dab Lew Tech.