How to use an IP Camera for Streets?

IP Camera

Are you frustrated with frequent area thefts and constant car speeding issues? It’s all about following the laws and regulations. Traffic rules violation comes with a price (Traffic invoice). Increasing area security by creating fear of traffic violation charges might control car speeding and theft activities in your area. Use network cameras in your neighbourhood to monitor all kinds of deceptive behaviours. Below, we have mentioned certain features that will help you choose the perfect camera for your locality.

9 Exclusive Features a Street Surveillance Camera must have: 

ANPR cameras are built with a technology that detects the vehicle’s location by imaging its license plate number. These cameras are also effective to take hold of a license plate number if an individual crosses the road exceeding the speed limit. Moreover, ANPR helps recognize the driver by tracking the number plate’s owner, if it’s a hit-and-run case. If a law enforcement police officer is unable to catch the culprit in time, these cameras introduce them to the culprit without wasting any extra minutes. This technology is most helpful in mass surveillance activities to prevent criminal acts, for national security, civil disturbance, to take note of terrorism, etc. 

  • HD Resolution 

If you want your camera to record activities or people in detail, then your camera must have this exclusive feature. This technology allows an individual to view the image or video clipping in a larger format. Besides, the network cameras help detect facial recognition by the number of pixels and help the viewer analyze the criminal’s record. In criminal acts, the viewer can also take note of the driver’s criminal record, if any. Also, it helps individuals to grab a look at the video clipping to get a basic idea of how the crime started and ended. 

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  • Optical Zoom

The Zoom lens feature allows the camera to record the image in closure mode without shifting self-position. Instead, the camera stays in its original place and zooms in the lens to capture a more focused image. The optical zoom maintains the quality of the image in HD resolution while zooming in. For example: If the camera detects vehicle robbery at a far edge, then the camera will capture complete action using optical zoom maintaining its HD clarity.

  • Intelligent White Led

The white led feature allows a camera to capture the image even in complete darkness. IR led allows the camera to record the image at high frequency but in monochrome (black and white scale). Whereas, the intelligent white led feature allows the camera to record the image in detailed colour vision with HD resolution. Besides, the white led is designed using IR Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs) to provide light at a higher wavelength so that it does not distort the colour vision of a human eye. Besides, these lights reflect illuminance in lower light environments to be alarmed for any security issues. For specific intelligent white led cameras, visit Milesight Network Cameras.

  • Waterproof Breathable Screw-in Vent

The street cameras must have a waterproof screw-in vent to protect the electronics from any water or dust particles in extreme weather conditions. These vents do not allow any water molecules or particles to enter the electronics, hence, protect the electronics from further damage. If somehow the protective shield breaks it can create fogging on the lens of the camera and eventually break the view of the electronics. Although, the screw-in vent allows the gas molecules to enter the shield to balance the air pressure inside the electronics. For example, the waterproof screw-in vent can also be observed in aeroplane windows. In windows, the little window breather hole maintains the air pressure within the aircraft balancing the atmospheric pressure as well. On streets, this feature will help protect the electronics from rain, storms, or any other tampering conditions.

  • Video Content Analysis (VCA)

The Vision Content Analysis includes detection features like loitering, region exiting, tampering, advanced motion detection, human detection, counting people, etc. These detection modes help the camera analyze the number of people on the premises, undescribed behaviours, changes in the specific location. Later, these detailed detection features will help rectify any alarming situation like theft, object shifting, harassment issues in social areas, etc. The addition of VCA in a camera will help keep track of a car’s motion and alarm activities on the streets.

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  • Super WDR

The WDR feature exposes the dark image with lightning effects to better the image clarity. Besides, the WDR mode provides detailed images of both dark and light environments with several exposure modes. WDR in camera helps a user view an image with less noisy points and clearer moving objects.

  • Compatible with SIP/VoIP 

In case, the images cannot be viewed from the main system, then the SIP/VoIP feature provides better streaming within the mobile devices. 

  • Comprehensive Defogging

The comprehensive defogging can be received by the application of a smart fan within the camera which stabilizes the atmospheric feature within the network camera. Besides, it provides proper heat dissipation capability to the electronics making the product more durable.

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