How to Take Care of Your Health in the Rainy Season?

How to take care of your health in the rainy season

Well, we all love rains, the cool breeze, and the cloudy skin during the monsoon season but it cannot be denied that it increases humidity and enhance the chances of infections.

So, you need to protect yourself against water-borne diseases, fever, stomach infections, and other conditions. Also, you can prevent many infections by taking proper precautions.

Here in this article, we have shared some of the health tips for the rainy season. Also, it helps you to stay healthy and prevent infection during the monsoon.

1: Make use of Mosquito nets:

Malaria is one of the most diseases during the monsoon season. So, it is advisable to use a mosquito net or repellent. You also need to try to get rid of any stagnant water as it is the breeding spot for mosquitoes.

So, you need to try to empty all garden pots, old containers, and some of the other items that retain in water during monsoon season.

2: Drink Boiled water:

It has been seen that during monsoon season we tend to drink less amount of water and we don’t feel much thirsty. But as a fact our body needs water. Thus, you need to start drinking boiled water or purified water and this will lower the risk of waterborne diseases like stomach infection and diarrhea.

3: Avoid walking in water:

You need to try avoiding walking in dirty water during the rainy season as it can become the reason for causing viruses and bacteria. So, if your feet get wet then try to change your socks immediately and the footwear too. Also, you need to keep an extra pair of shoes and clothes in the office.

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4: Take a bath as often as possible:

When you reach home in the evening then you need to protect yourself from infections. You can also make use of Dettol or Savlon during your bath and also wash your hands and feet as soon as you reach your office to eliminate germs. You can also take Vitamin C supplements in order to improve your immunity.

5: Enhance Vitamin C Intake:

Do you know that the monsoon is the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to thrive? Moreover, you will also notice that it is the time of the year when viral fevers, allergic reactions, and other viral infections are most out of control.

Similarly, the air has more bacteria during this time so in order to remain healthy you need to increase your immunity. One of the easiest ways of increasing your immunity is to start taking Vitamin C. You can also eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables, and oranges to have a Vitamin C-rich diet.

6: Avoid eating junk:

Street food, freshly cut fruits, and some other kind of food items sold on the street should be strictly being avoided. Also, the road is filled with potholes of water and mud. Thus, it forms perfect incubators for various kinds of harmful micro-organisms.

The longer the food items are exposed to the open air, the higher they will likely become home in them. So, whenever you eat your junk food then it means you are more likely to contract a disease.

7: Do not store stagnant water:

Mosquito breeding is one of the worst aspects of the monsoon season. These little insects are perfectly capable of making you ill. But there is no need to worry as with a help of few precautions you can easily find your way to getting rid of mosquito-free residence.

You need to ensure that there is no open water storage in your home and make sure that they are always in covered pots. Similarly, you need to take note that drains are not clogged and there should be no rainwater held stagnant in your nearby areas. Remember that mosquitoes are born in stagnant water. Thus, removing sources of stagnant water will help you a lot.

8: Add disinfectant to bathwater:

Most people love to take a stroll in the rain. Hence it is refreshing and can do wonders for human life. You need to remember that whenever you take a bath with a disinfectant like Dettol then you will get wet.

It will also save you from the millions of micro-organisms that you carried home and help you to stay healthy and fit. So, you need to wash your hands, feet, and legs properly but only make use of clean water in order to wash your face.

9: Iron your clothes:

It might seem like a strange tip, but monsoon is perfect for molds. The closets, wardrobes, and almirahs are used to store clothing, bed-sheets, and Linen. Thus, these places stay cool and start to get damp as the rain starts progressing. With wet moisture molds also come and since there is seldom any sunlight to warm your clothes it’s better to keep them ironed.

10: Care for your fruits and Vegetables:

During the monsoon season, it is essential that you thoroughly scrub your fruits and vegetables under running water because germs live on the skin. So, you need to start consuming Monsoon fruits and vegetablesand don’t forget that you only cooked boiled vegetables or you fall ill to water-borne illnesses.

11: Exercise regularly:

By doing regular exercise helps you in losing weight and you stay in shape. Therefore, it is great for building your immunity as well. Besides, it gets your heart racing and improves blood circulation, and triggers serotonin means Happy Hormones production.

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It will also help to fortify your immune system against viruses and bacteria. You can do exercises like Jumping rope, squats, and planks. So, all these are excellent exercises that you can do.

12: Keep a safe distance from sick people:

Since a lot of people contract the flu or common cold during the monsoon season. Thus, you need to be extra alert. While you are traveling, you need to make sure that you distance yourself from visibly sick people so that your respiratory particles do not enter your immune system.

So, these are some of the best ways that show how to take care of health in the rainy season.You can follow these methods and protect yourself from illnesses and other microbial diseases.

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