Coronavirus: Should We Use Paper Towel Rather Than Hand Dry

Hand Towels

People are concerned about hand hygiene nowadays in schools, workplaces, public places, and hospitals because of coronavirus spread. The hand is one of the significant factors that enable the virus to transfer quickly to another person. For this reason, we should use paper hand towels and sanitizers to maintain your hand hygiene.

Different Hand towel manufacturers have produced towels keeping in mind the pandemic situation worldwide to minimize viruses and germs. Hand hygiene has the same importance as the disinfected areas around.

Here are some benefits and facts about paper hand towels from high-quality Hand towel manufacturers.

Hand dryer Vs. Paper towels

There are multiple sources through which you can dry your hands, like paper towels, cloth towels, dryers, and many more. Using a cloth towel bacterias is more likely to spread as multiple people use it, but the dryer and the paper towel are much safer than the cloth towel.

Also, wet hands are more likely to spread the virus as compared to dry hands. Usually, in homes, people use hand towels, however in offices or workplaces, people prefer paper towels or dryers. Let’s see the merits and demerits of using these hand drying methods.

What are some hand drying methods

there are multiple perspectives about the three ways. The paper hand towel manufacturers believe that paper hand towels and dryers are more suitable and ensure safety and hygiene in homes, workplaces, or other public sectors. Each method has its pros and cons depending upon the requirement and the way it is used.

  1. Paper Hand Towels

The paper hand towel has high absorption and is used for multiple purposes. They are hygienic, economical, and best for office use. However, they are expensive than dryers and cannot be recycled. Moreover, it contributes to global warming as it emits more CO2 as compared to others.

These towels are beneficial as they don’t throw away once used, but if not appropriately thrown, they can cause blockage in drainage and cause risk to hygiene. So, the question arises are the paper towel safe to use? Yes, they are if used correctly, and some of the benefits are:

  • Paper Towels Reduce the Number of Germs in the washrooms and restrooms.
  • They are Faster Than Air Dryers
  • They don’t make a noise like Air Dryers
  • Reduce the spread of germs.
  • It is the no-touch solution, which means one-at-a-time that will ensure that people touch what they need.
  1. Hand dryer

Hand dryers are highly effective as they make your hand dry quickly without touching anything. They cause effective removal of bacterias, which prevents cross-contamination in unhygienic areas like washrooms.

Further, they are less costly than a paper towels and have less carbon footprint. Also, it is one way to avoid the waste of paper. So, it is environmentally friendly and is suitable for a healthy workplace. However, some people believe that the hot air from the dryer can cause the spreading of germs in the area where contamination control is a critical issue.

Additionally, these hand dryers can spread pathogen five feet from the drying unit as their speed is up to 370 miles per hour(mph). Also, the germs can stay behind in the air for up to 15 minutes. Further, they take more time, like 45 seconds, to dry hands compared to a paper towel, which quickly cleans your hands in one wipe.

The hand dryer in the workplace is noisier than the paper towel. It is also a no-touch solution, but the air produces by it increases germs and puts your facility at risk of an outbreak.

Final Verdict

Paper towels are much more hygiene to spread germs and viruses than hand dryers. It is essential to see the area where you placed the paper towel and dryer. Paper towels ensure that they limit the pathogen and dry your hands more quickly than a dryer.

However, you can use faster and high-quality hand dryers that more efficiently dry your hands faster and reduce the spread of germs and minimize paper waste.