Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021-2022

Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021-2022

Keywords are the soul of SEO, and without Keyword Research, SEO is incomplete.

Other factors such as SEO-friendly content, content that satisfies user intent, on-page optimization, and good UX are important for SEO. If you have all this, then you can only expect a significant amount of organic traffic.

Companies invest thousands in keyword research; However, this blog is just for you if you don’t want to spend that much money.

The keyword you choose is the most important factor for your website’s organic ranking. Also, choosing the right and right keywords is not so easy; You have to look at various factors to see if that keyword will work for you.

Are you new to keyword research? Don’t you know which keyword research tool will work best for you? Several tools can help you find which keyword will work best for your web page ranking. In general, there are two types of keyword research tools:

  •  Basic Keyword Research

With the help of seed keywords, you can find profitable keywords.

  •  Competitive based keyword research

Use principles that are helping competing websites to drive traffic.

JetBlogging believes that competitive-based keyword research tools are more effective because it would be more profitable to use a keyword that is already working for others. Once you find profitable keywords, you have to create a page that targets those keywords in order to make a profit.

This guide contains paid and free keyword research tools to increase the visibility of your site.

Best Keyword Research Tools


“What is the simplest keyword research tool?” The answer is SEMRUSH.

This is not a specific keyword research tool that provides more than just research keywords. With SEMRUSH, you can research keywords in several ways:

  •  Use seed keywords to find keywords
  •  Search for competitive keywords
  •  Keyword Gap Analysis

One of the easiest ways to do keyword-based searching and entering URLs on your website’s URL is to show the keyword list ranking for the entire site or a particular page.

With SEMRUSH, you can view keyword data and see keyword difficulty, keyword suggestions, CPC for PPC, and monthly search volume. You can see keyword variation and related keywords in another feature of SEMRush which can help in searching for more keywords that can be targeted.

SEMRush can be used to find long-tail and short-tail keywords that can be targeted. Using the Keyword Difficulty Score, you can sort the keyword list and add them to the Keyword Manager in just one click.

2. Answer The Public

Looking for a free keyword research tool? Then the answer of all public is the answer to all your queries. You can use the seed keyword to find long-tailed keywords. Keywords are in various formats such as:

  •    Preposition
  •    Questions
  •    Comparison

The free plan of this research tool will let you search 3 keywords every day. If you are looking for free tools then this is a very good alternative to keyword research tools. By searching for language and country, you can search for keywords; However, it is missing the feature of Keyword Volume.

3. KWFinder

KWFinder is a keyword research tool dedicated only to keyword research. It is a new device in the market, but its popularity is increasing nonetheless.

You can use KWFinder to find keywords that can help you drive highly targeted traffic. With the help of the question-based keyword research option, it is easy to find long-tailed keywords, which are related to problem-solving.

KWFinder has both free and paid plans; However, the basic free plan is best for most users. You can use the 10-day free trial of KWFinder to see how effective this keyword research tool is.

4. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool

This keyword research tool is the most popular tool among others. Using clickstream data, Ahrefs can show you the number of clicks received from search engines. Keyword generator tools can generate ideas about keywords for Bing, Google and other search engines.

Ahrefs is known for its superb UI and the amount of data it provides. Ahrefs is known for other features such as SEO site audit, backlink analysis and more. By creating a keyword list in your Ahrefs dashboard, you can save your time and do not need to use Excel.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Without Google Keyword Planner the list of most used and popular keyword research tools will be incomplete. This tool is free and can be integrated with Google AdWords.

To use the Google Keyword Planner tool you need an AdWord account. This tool will provide you with in-depth information and is free to use. However, there is a limit; Also, you cannot know how your website or a particular keyword is behaving on other search engines.

6.    LongTailPro

Cloud-based keyword research software is a paid tool that can help you find good quality keywords for your website.

By purchasing the ‘Platinum’ version of this tool, you can enjoy the convenience of detailed keyword analysis. LongTailPro’s competition checker feature will make it easier for you to choose the right keywords.

7. Keyword Surfer

This is a Chrome extension that will help you check CPC and keyword volume within the SERP page itself. Surfer SEO introduced a free SEO content-optimized keyword surfer tool.

Use the auto-complete feature of Google search to find new search queries. You can use this tool to view related keywords or monthly traffic volumes on the SERP page. This tool can give an idea of more profitable keywords based on your search.

The conclusion

Most SEO companies recommend using easy and inexpensive keyword research tools like SEMRUSH. Also, go for KWFinder, if you are searching for keywords from micro-niche websites.

Whatever keyword research tool you choose, remember to use this tool is a great way to supercharge your site’s SEO.

Have you used any of the Best Keyword Research Tool listed above? How was your experience so far? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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