5 best games removed from play store

best games removed from play store

Recently updated on February 15th, 2024 at 10:17 pm

In the ever-evolving world of mobile gaming, some gems, unfortunately, fade away. This article is your gateway to the world of the “best games removed from Play Store.” Join us on a journey to rediscover these hidden treasures, unlocking a new dimension of gaming excellence.

There are thousands of games released every year on the Google Play Store. You can directly download any Play Store game. You can download any game from any genre such as Fighting, Action, Racing, Battle Royale, Adventure etc. But do you know? Google Play Store removed many such best games from Play Store. You can not ever download this game from the Google Play Store. However, you can download it from a third-party site.

In this article, we are going to see some best games removed from the play store that were removed from the Play Store due to some reasons. These were hugely popular then but still removed by Google. Let’s see these games.

5 Good games that were removed from the Play Store

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

It is a first-person shooter game released by Gameloft. It was so popular game with its story and online mode. Unfortunately, it was removed from the Google Play Store. It is also one of the most famous games from Gameloft.

The game’s main story was based on 10 different episodes in which the player used to visit several planets in the galaxy like, planet Earth, in a state of chaos that was destroyed by the war. The controls of the game were so easy and playable. You could also change the controls according to you. Overall, it was a great game but removed from the Play Store.

Dead Space

Dead Space was another good game that was removed from the Google Play Store. It was a survival Zombie game based on a science fiction story. The story of the game was really impressive and fascinating.

In this game, play played the role of the ship systems engineer and he had to fight against all the deadly zombies. The player has also many guns to choose and he has the option to upgrade them to make them more deadly. It was a third-person shooter game. Overall, it was also a good game that got positive reviews but the best games were removed from the play store.

9mm HD

9mm HD was a gangster game released by Gameloft. Its graphics were so good compared to that time. The story was simple, the player had to play the role of a gangster, John Violent Cannon, who had to fight against his enemies. He was a leader of a team of cops. He was not afraid of anything.

Players have also a variety of guns and vehicles. They could choose any of them according to their choices. They had to eliminate all the danger that came their way.

Jet Set Radio

If you are an old Android user then you would have known this game. It was a cool Roller Madness game from SEGA.  It was released with decent graphics and a great story. In this game, the player played the role of a seventeen-year-old boy who had escaped from his house and his family and formed a gang.

The gameplay was very interesting and cool. The player skates across the whole city and sprays graffiti on all walls, makes showdowns and hides from the police officers.

2K Drive

2K Drive was an interesting driving game, it was fun. Players got to drive real licensed cars on the roads of the game. They got to know their driving skills in the game. This game had many tracks to run all the cars available in the game.

It featured more than 25 tracks, 100+ unique events and dozens of cars. Overall, it was a fun racing game full of cars. Players also had a chance to play this game online with their friends and unknown online players.

Conclusion of best games removed from Play Store

Uncovering the best games removed from the Play Store is like finding buried treasure in the vast gaming landscape. As we explore the reasons behind their disappearance, the impact on the community, and how enthusiasts keep the spirit alive, we invite you to join us in celebrating these hidden gems. Discover, reminisce, and reignite your passion for mobile gaming.

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