What Happens After Consumers Return Items to the Online Portal?

return policy for e-commerce

As consumers, every one of us is bound to get the best products and services from any e-commerce site. But, does that happen necessarily all the time? Sometimes, the product that we receive does not turn out to be exactly how we pictured it. Well, that’s quite normal and there is no point in keeping and using the product if we are not satisfied with it. return policy for e-commerce

The best thing that we can do in such a case is to immediately place a product return. yes, returns & exchanges are everyday affairs for all e-commerce sites including Desertcart. But, have you wondered how the product returns process takes place? What other problems does the consumer face with a product that makes him/her return it immediately? Or, how the whole product returns management works?

Don’t worry, today we are going to delve a bit deeper into these logistics. Also, we will try to give you an insight into the whole product returns procedure. In short, this will be more like a ‘Behind the Scenes of managing product returns

What are the Reasons for Product Returns?

When we think about the reason why consumers return products purchased online, we don’t get obvious answers all the time. But, since Desertcart has an eCommerce return policy, we cannot refrain from taking returns. This is because understanding consumer behaviour is a mammoth task. 

1. Wrong Purchase

Purchasing a wrong item is a very legit reason to place a product return because consumers are not in a position to handle the product physically. For example, you order a pair of shoes of a certain size. When you receive it, you feel that you have purchased the wrong size. In that case, returning the product is the consumer’s ideal choice because he/she had to rely solely on the product description to make the purchase.

2. Mismatch

It’s ethically wrong to always blame the customer for returning a product. That’s why, at Desertcart, we try to highlight the product’s realistic qualities as much as we can. In many cases, customers end up buying the wrong item because they found the product to be ‘too good’ than required. 

3. Damaged Products

The return policy for e-Commerce sites mostly points out that if a product turns out to be defective and damaged after delivery, then the customer has the right to return it immediately. However, this might incur losses for the seller. To avoid this, the product should be double-checked before shipping and must be carefully packaged. 

4. Product Wardrobing

Wardrobing is a situation where a consumer orders a product, uses it and then returns it charging a full refund. For example, say someone orders a suit and wears it for one day and then places a product return. It’s very unethical and is sometimes called ‘return fraud’. Although wardrobing is impossible to stop, Desertcart has a very strict policy against it. 

Let Us Know About Shein Return Policy

What Affects the Product Return Rate Analysis?

Returns & exchanges remain an uncontrollable phenomenon. It may be a blessing for the customer to get the product exchanged, but the sellers face problems in terms of product returns management. When we say problems, we also mean the e-commerce product return rate. This eCommerce return rate affects every aspect of the business.

Take a look at how the product returns procedure affects a seller’s e-commerce shop.

  • Refund Costs – Every time a seller has to exchange a product, he has to incur certain refund costs. However, there are instances where the seller cannot return a product because of unavailability. In that case, the seller has to make a full refund for the returned product.
  • Shipping Charges – For most products beyond a certain price limit, there exists free shopping. Although the customer does not have to pay any shipping fee, the seller has to incur those charges. Thus, when the customer returns the same product, the seller has to again incur both-way shipping costs. This, again, impacts the product return rate analysis.
  • Product Disposition Costs – After a product is returned, it goes through inspections. This is necessary to categorize the product for reselling or liquidation. If it resold, then the product is sure to lose its original value. 

Why Choose Desertcart for Easy Product Returns?

At Desertcart, we ensure that our global customers remain satisfied with our products and services. Thus, whenever you feel the need to return a product, you can do it without any hesitation. Our team is an expert in managing product returns so that you get your exchanged product without delay.

  • Our e-commerce return policy has instructed the sellers to provide maximum product information on the website so that customers do not have to make product returns every time.
  • There is a great rise in the number of fraudulent sellers these days and to prevent product wardrobing, we enforce strict inspection of the returned goods. Additionally, sometimes, there is also a 20+ hours approving return policy enforced by a few sellers. 
  • To ensure a steady product returns process, we maintain proper tracking of the returned product. Further, we try to take opinions from our customers as to why they needed to return a product. 
  • We understand that product returns severely impact our e-commerce product return rate, but we also know that our customers are the top priority for us. 

How Desertcart Tries to Lessen Product Returns

If you have a look at our return policy for e-commerce sites, you will see that we have tried to reduce our e-commerce product return rate by following certain steps.

  1. Firstly, Desertcart has a very transparent return policy for e-commerce and a hassle-free return policy so that our customers never remain in the dark regarding anything.
  2. We ensure that our sellers and brands provide high-quality product visuals so that customers can be sure whether they need the product or not.
  3. For most returns & exchanges, we try to extend the return period. Also, we work on improving our customer feedback.

Product Returns are Easy Now!

Desertcart proudly says that our product returns process is seamless and therefore you can order your favourite products without worrying about anything. Visit our website right now and find all your desired products. For more informative content, do visit Desertcart Blogs.