What Is The Cost Of Creating A Progressive Web App?

With the increasing digitalization, Progressive Web Apps have become a sought-after platform to reach users anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The advent of progressive web apps has substantially improved user experience by providing a faster and more efficient website experience. There has been a sharp rise in the demand for PWA development services over the past few years.

A Progressive web app provides lots of benefits over native mobile applications. It has perks like easy installation and updates, small size, faster performance, and more. Businesses aiming for multichannel services want a viable platform to deliver services across multiple devices.

If you are a business well aware of the benefits of progressive web apps, you might be interested to know how much it costs to create a PWA. If so, this blog post is for you. You will get a complete analysis of progressive web app development costs here, with the factors affecting them.

Factors that impact the cost of developing a progressive web app

The cost of creating a PWA depends on many factors that determine how much you will have to invest in creating your own PWA. The following are some essential factors influencing the cost of developing a PWA. You can check these points to calculate the required cost of your PWA development project.

App complexity

It is the most crucial factor in determining the possible cost of developing your PWA. Indeed, you will have an idea of what features and functionalities you need on your app. Once you decide on the required functionalities and features of your PWA, you can have a rough idea of the cost of your progressive web app.


The more in-depth customization you want, the more will be the cost. For required customization, the UI/UX developers will work on your project per your needs, audience, and business goals.

Composition of team

Team composition is also a crucial factor in progressive web app development costs. You need different specialists to complete the project, from the ideation phase to a complete progressive web app. These specialists can implement their expertise to deliver the right solution. Some experts you need are app designers, developers, QA engineers, project managers, etc. The cost depends on how many experts are involved in the project.

Business nature

Your business can also influence the cost because it determines what type of PWA you want. In the case of an eCommerce retailer, progressive web app development for a business may cost higher than a PWA for a service-based business. A reliable PWA development company can understand your business needs and provide the right expertise to develop the best- suited solution.

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PWA development technology you choose may also impact the cost. For example, if you select a free and open-source technology, you can save on licensing fees. Hence, technology is a factor in deciding the cost of progressive web app development services.

Third-party services

When creating a progressive web app for your business, every single feature matters. Hence. You have to spend a lot of time ascertaining every piece of functionality to get a perfect solution. But this also costs you a few more dollars and extra weeks of development. For instance, you want to integrate Google Maps into your app or a custom payment method as a third-party service.

Breaking down the total PWA development cost

After going through the factors most likely to impact the cost of creating a progressive web app, you can understand the overall cost structure. One of the most important benefits of developing a PWA is its lesser development cost compared to native mobile applications.

While a typical native mobile app can cost around $2ok to $80k or more, a PWA can cost 3-4 times lower. Hence, progressive web app development costs can be about $5k to $ 20k for a simple app or more; it further depends on the app’s complexity and requirements.

Here is the basic PWA cost breakdown:

● Basic PWA: from $2,000
● Advanced PWA: from $20,000
● Complex PWA: from $50,000

The following are the stages that the process of developing a PWA include:

● Prototyping and MVP development
● UI/UX design
● Development
● Quality Assurance
● Deployment

What are the technologies for developing a PWA?

There are multiple technologies now available for creating feature-rich progressive web apps.
Primarily, JavaScript-based frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, and Vue.js are popular for developing PWAs. But there are other options like PWA Builder, Polymer, React PWA Library, Lighthouse, etc. You can use technology that best suits your business needs and help create the perfect solution. Also, you can rely on a PWA development company for selecting a technology to build an excellent solution.

Final note

Progressive web apps offer an excellent user experience and are less expensive than native mobile apps. They provide a faster and more seamless user experience. With the increasing significance of progressive web apps, businesses are investing in progressive web app development services. If you also want to create your own PWA, you would like to know the cost of developing a progressive web app. There are many factors that impact the cost that you can analyze to determine the probable cost of creating a PWA.