How to Use Plus Size Outfits to Create a Versatile Closet

Versatile Closet

Usually, women have different wardrobes for work, entertainment, and cold days. However, if you can create a wardrobe that is interchangeable for all of the occasions above, it will help you a lot. As you mix and match certain items for your wardrobe, you can take pieces of wholesale plus size clothing from the office to the club and also throw on them casual wear. The rotation of this garment can be described as a versatile closet, which has all of the basics needed to create staple looks while also including a statement of personality that helps fashionista to diversify their look.

The versatile wardrobe is very suitable for women, who feel that they often look at the closet, or feel that they have too many or not enough choices. While these series are usually more on the minimal side, the opportunities for matching are endless. This will bring a feeling that you can choose an appropriate number of options, and you can freely choose to give each part its own personality on any day of the week. If you look at your wardrobe every day and you don’t feel inspired, try to build a versatile closet that will have your style feeling renewed.

Here are some tips on how to create the perfect versatile closet.

The Basis for Creating Your Versatile Wardrobe

Let’s start with the plus size clothing basics. The key to any versatile closet is your basic strength– how many classic garments you have. Although basic and classic items may not always reflect your own style that you need, they are needed to make your wardrobe work more than once as you style your closet for multiple occasions.

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Available in Fitting Styles

When creating your versatile wardrobe, keep in mind that the number of fitting styles you have is more important than the variety of patterns and colours. The idea behind a plus-size collection is to make each item as versatile as possible so that you can create various different looks with a limited amount of attire. For instance, instead of owning a little black dress, it’s better to fill your wardrobe with a mini, midi, or maxi dress that ranges from a loose to a skater fit. A simple black plus size dress is appropriate for any occasion, and it can be paired with just almost anything.

Stick with Neutral Colors

Your versatile plus-size wardrobe should have a very specific feel and style, which can explain your personality and the way you dress up every day. Your collection does not have to be monochromatic, but the more neutral items that make up your wardrobe, the greater the chance of seamless matching of items. If you must have more colour in your closet, then find a colour that can speak to you and make you feel confident, and then mix and match with neutral colours such as beige, black, and khaki.

The Importance of Layering

Layering is a styling technique that has not been fully utilized, but it has the potential to completely upgrade the look. In a versatile wardrobe, layering is what maximizes the possibility of each piece of clothing. Whether you are good at layering or someone who rarely does it, take a fresh look at what will become a capsule wardrobe and make sure you have items that can easily be layered and matched with each other. When layering, don’t be afraid to jump out of the box and layer clothing that you have never thought to pair together before.

Sweater Weather

Sweaters make a really great addition to any kind of wardrobe, but especially a versatile series as they are always great for layering. Prepare some plus size sweaters on hand to throw over a fitted dress or skinny jeans for an exquisite look. Plus, you can prepare sweaters for the office by matching them with a white button-up shirt, rolling up the sleeves to reveal the cuffs of your button-up.

Plus Size Cardigans on Deck

Cardigans are a more obvious option when it comes to layering as they can easily fill almost any look. But they can also show or break a look. If you feel that your outfits may need extra something after you get dressed, throw on a bold cardigan to tie up everything.

Add Polish with a Plus Size Blazer

Blazers are another layer that can immediately bring an outfit to the office or dress up your daily basic look. However, blazers do more than just make the appearance look more formal. They can also serve as statement items while being able to be paired with almost everything. Blazers are an excellent addition to a versatile closet due to their versatility and the impact they can have on any garment.

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