Experts view of sanitizing our Homes: Take a look

Experts View Of Sanitizing

Recently updated on December 7th, 2021 at 03:39 pm

It is evident that we have learned several things throughout the pandemic phase. The most important thing that is being drilled into our lives is about health as well as safety guideline. Therefore, it does not mean just washing our hands on a daily basis. While we purchase something from the free classified sites, it is necessary to sanitize the product being purchased before utilizing it. It is further seen that the restaurants, supermarket along with the parks are being regularly sanitized hence it is also necessary to take care of our houses as well. 

However, it is still not known that for how often we need to wipe down the surfaces in order to get a deep cleaned surface here is a certain expert’s view while asked the same question to them.

It is an individual personal choice 

It is seen that Babak Moghaddam the general manager of the Champion Cleaners has seen that there is almost 50% increase in requesting for sensitization and services as soon as the pandemic COVID 19 has begun. They said that the frequency that we intend to sanitize our home is one’s personal choice and therefore there are no restrictions on it. It depends on how well you want your homes to be sanitized in order to keep the germs out. This is because the main purpose of sanitization is to disinfectant the soft surface, for instance, the carpet, upholstery as well as curtains these are the open surfaces that have a tendency to accumulate the virus which leads to the development of COVID 19 symptoms. It is always necessary to disinfectant the surface like the countertops and the floors can be kept well sanitized by using domestic agents that can be easily added to the routing mopping. 

According to the general rule of thumb, he stated that in order to be on the safest side it is necessary to sanitize the homes at least once a month and that is the ideal time. However, if you want to be more disciplined he stated that you could adopt regular routing sanitization of the hardtops at least for the alternative days. Hence, it is most significant for you to keep yourself protected from germs. It is further noticed that Diksha Ahuja the spokesperson for Zoflora the maker of multipurpose cleaning agents that eventually claims to kill 99.9 percent of germs or the bacteria and viruses intends to echo these sentiments. However, she also adds up that while choosing the things that need sanitization regularly within the homes also intends to depend on the use of the significant areas. 

It is also stated that the tap those are being used several times a day hence it intends to accumulate almost over 6000 bacteria per square inch. Therefore, it can be further stated that the kitchen sink may be the home for almost 2700 bacteria per square inch. Therefore, these are the most significant items that require sanitization on a regular basis. 

It is seen that the sees food preparation needs to be disinfectants daily in order to stay healthy such as the kitchen counters and you must not forget the fridge handles that are often being missed by the individuals at the time of disinfecting the kitchens. 

Moghaddam whose company intended to use the fogging machine in order to sanitize it adds up all the personal items such as mobile phones, the car key house keys as well as wallets. However, the other smaller items also are sanitized as soon as you are entering the house. This makes sure that you are free from any virus or germs that may cause you ill. It is also further recommended that the doorknobs, the light switches along with the remote f your TV set. 

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The hard surface disinfectants need to be carried out at least twice two days in case possible. Along with that, Ahuja also stated that in order to be free from any bacteria or viruses it is necessary for you to hit the germ hotspot such as the desks, keyboards, or mobile phones. In case you are having pets, it is further necessary to take care of the floor and it needs to be swoop or vacuum or mop on alternative days. 

Seeking advice from heal professionals 

The question has been represented in the medical point of view as well thus Dr Salvian George who is the specialist at internal medicine at Medicare Hospital stated that there is no significant data in case you would like to sanitize your homes. However, it is necessary to consider all the basic precautions that are undeniably more important in terms of the pandemic situation.  It is also further stated whenever you are buying products from free classified sites it is necessary for you to sanitize them in a significant manner in order to get rid of germs that may cause you ill. 

It is also needed to ensure that you are taking care of self-hygiene and that is especially when you are going out and coming home. You need to make sure that you dispose of your shoes in a proper place so that it is away from daily contact; you also need to make sure about disposing of the masks that you are wearing all day long. 

In addition, it is further necessary that you should take care about the hand satiation and thus in case of healthcare workers it is further necessary that they must have a shower after they reach home or before they meet their family members. 

It is seen that mite allergies have increased because of the COVID 19 therefore regular sanitization at the home is necessary in order to avoid any allergic conditions. It is also recommended that while using sanitization it is necessary to avoid chemicals such as corrosive a well as volatile compounds. The diluted solutions can be utilized for cleaning home utensils as well as vehicles.