Firewall Configuration For QuickBooks Desktop POS

Firewall Configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale

A firewall is system security device or safety software that is specifically designed to restrict the unauthorized access based in several sets of the rule. Irrespective of the Configuration Firewall For QuickBooks section, whether it’s present on the server or network, it can easily able to block/stop the interaction between the QuickBooks Point of Sale company data & computer.

The POS utility is comprised of the capability to automatically identify & configures the firewall if it detects that the connections are blocked. Although, there is much time when the firewall has needed to configure manually by the users.

What is Firewall?

A firewall is a network safety system, that acts as a wall between a trusted network and an untrusted network. A firewall manages access to the devices of a network through a positive control pattern. This indicates that the only traffic allowed on the network is described in the firewall policy; all other traffic has refused.

Methods that is Interrupted by the Blocking of QuickBooks POS

Below are few details that will be interrupted when the security plans block the QuickBooks POS utility:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer: Processing of the Intuit’s Merchant Credit Card
  2. Database Server Manager: Capacity to attach & record transactions/changes to the company file
  3. Intuit Entitlement Service: Product license & user validation

Reasons why this is happening

The Configuration Firewall For QuickBooks desktop POS  issue can be caused by any of the following connection difficulties:

  1. Your client workstations aren’t on the same Windows service pack
  2. You are connecting with the active or switching IP address.
  3. Unless the client or server workstation (or both) is having difficulty connecting to the network.
  4. A firewall is blocking access to the server.
  5. The server workstation is not in multi-user mode.
  6. You are connecting with the dynamic or changing IP address.

Some major firewall applications are updated routinely by Intuit with the latest POS file and port info and will automatically allow access to the ports and files required. But sometimes this does not happen automatically. So, understand the following steps to manually configure the firewall

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows+R to open the run command.
  2. Type in control & click OK to begin the Control Panel.
  3. Fix the “view by” to Little Icons and choose Windows Firewall.
  4. Select Advanced Settings and click Inbound.
  5. Click New Rule.
  6. Select Port
  7. Click Next.
  8. Enter the port numbers
  9. Click Next (See Point of Sale Firewall Ports section).
  10. Select Allow Connection and click Next.
  11. Name your firewall rule (e.g. POS) and click Finish

Methods to Configure Manually Windows firewall for QuickBooks Desktop POS?

Points to Remember:

  1. Firstly, You should have the authority on ‘Windows Administrator‘ rights to perform.
  2. Ensure to combine the required ‘Firewall ports‘ and ‘Executable files‘ for the POS utility (In fact, the firewall security is a third-party application).
  3. It is recommended to contact the developer of the 3rd party program to know – How to add port & file exemptions.

Manual Steps to Configure the Windows Firewall

  1. First of all, You need to press the ‘Windows+R‘ keys, the ‘Run‘ command will open.
  2. After that, Type ‘Control‘ & hit the ‘OK‘.
  3. The ‘Control Panel‘ will appear.
  4. On the right upper corner of the display, set the “View by” to Small Icons.
  5. Now Choose the ‘Windows Firewall‘.
  6. After that Choose the ‘Advanced Settings‘.
  7. Select the ‘Inbound‘ option there.
  8. Now Click on the ‘New Rule‘.
  9. Choose the ‘Port‘, and then hit the ‘Next‘.
  10. Type the numbers of the ports, & then select the ‘Next‘.
  11. Select ‘Allow Connection‘, and then choose the ‘Next‘ option.
  12. Give a specific name to your firewall control, and then finally push the ‘Finish‘ key.

Important Note: While manually to configuration the firewall of the device for QuickBooks. You will see questions with several options like deny, grant, block, permit, or something similar option. You have to select all the positive options like permit, allow, or grant the permission. The action is performed for one issue or a particular file or folder won’t be automatically implemented to all the files or folders in the Point of Sale program.


The above-presented steps will help you in configuring a firewall for QuickBooks POS. With these steps, you can manually configure firewalls. Firewalls play an important role in security purposes. if you are not able to configure firewalls manually, then you need to contact no matter if it is related to firewall configuration, QB errors, QB Installation, or anything.