5 Astonishing Facts About Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is the world’s most known encyclopedia which is being read, edited, and written by anybody from all around the world. It contains around 55 billion articles across more than 300 languages. Every month it generates about 1.7 billion views, which the other encyclopedia does not get. The foremost and most authentic knowledge in its contents made this encyclopedia most remarkable all around the world. However, here are the top 5 facts about Wikipedia which every Wikipedia user should know.

1.Editing a Wikipedia Content

The editors of Wikipedia are none others but the people like you. It has around 2,80,000 editors from all around the world. These editors take their time to contribute to Wikipedia every month. This is a good reason for Wikipedia to grow due to these volunteers. However, it is not as easy as its looks, due to the tough Wikipedia policies. Without going through its policies of editing and having complete knowledge about the topic you are going to edit, the approval by Wikipedia is difficult to get and if you are interested in getting acknowledged by them so just keep on reading.

2.Wikipedia Monument

The Wikipedia monument is a statue which is designed by an Armenian sculptor MihranHakobyan in honour of its contributors. It is located in Slubice, Poland, but it was displayed in Frankfurt Square in a ceremony of 22 October 2014, where representatives of both the local Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia chapters were present. However, the owners of this monument are Slubice Regional Authorities and the medium used in creating it is Fiberglass resin.

3.Free of Cost Encyclopaedia but People are Still Earning Through it

Wikipedia is free of cost encyclopedia, which does not only take money from its contributors and visitors but also is not liable to anybody. The only way to earn money through Wikipedia is to learn to provide the best Wikipedia page creation service. There are several individuals and businesses that are working in this field and are generating a good amount of money. Several businessmen used to hire these Wikipedia service providers in order to get their business knowledge on Wikipedia with the help of which they can get a huge number of customers and will eventually pay you for accomplishing this task.

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4.Unintentionally Promotional Encyclopaedia

You might have noticed that whenever you search for anything on google, the Wikipedia link will immediately pop at the top of the google page. It will only happen if the things to you are searching for has a notability due to which it is being available on Wikipedia and will give a good impression about what you are searching for. This act by Wikipedia is somehow promotional which it does not know itself but it does promote the things that are being available. This is also a prime reason why people are investing money in Wikipedia service providers in order to get their business on the world’s most visited encyclopedia.

5.      Lies Amongst the Most Visited Website All the World

Another most important fact about Wikipedia is it is one of the top 10 most visited websites of all across the globe. This fact of it might not seem astonishing, as you may also imagine it by looking at the quality of its contents. However, from all the top 10 most visited websites from all around the world. It is the only encyclopedias that is run by a non-profitable organization, which means that neither it takes money from anybody nor pays anybody.

6.Print Wikipedia Project

Print Wikipedia was a project of about 106 prints with a volume of 7473 English Wikipedia, which survived on 7th April of 2015. It was an art project by Michael Mandiberg which shows the spine of the first 1980 volume in the set. It was supplemented by actually o06 physical volumes that were supposed to govern over 700 pages. However, in the summer of 2015, this project was represented at the Denny Gallery in New York City.

Wikipedia has been provided everybody with free reference content from the past several years and these were the top 6 facts about Wikipedia which you may not know about before reading this blog

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