Why Your Goodman 2 Ton Air Handler Needs to Come from Budget Air Supply

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So you’ve intrepid enough to settle on a Goodman 2 ton air handler without knowing any more specifications than those included in the name. Perhaps the situation has been a little less cavalier than that and you know exactly why you need a Goodman air handler – either you’ve worked directly with an HVAC specialist or a contractor and you know just what you need. Perhaps the situation is that the new system that’s going into your house simply comes with a Goodman air handler and it’s really that simple.

Why then, should you care where it comes from? A Goodman air handler is a Goodman air handler, no matter where it comes from, so why should you care if it comes from Budget Air Supply or not? It’s going to have the same parts and specifications no matter where you get it. You should be more concerned with getting the best price, shouldn’t you?

Well, yes and no. On the one hand, a Goodman 2 ton air handler will be just that, no matter where you get it, so you should be concerned with the price. However, the price of the sale is not the only thing that matters when you’re making big, important decisions for your home – like what it’s next HVAC system will be.

Let’s just get this out of the way right quick. When you shop at Budget Air Supply you’re going to get the best price on that Goodman air handler, so we should get right past that and onto what matters in addition to the sale price. Their prices are excellent to begin with, and on top of that, you get a price match guarantee with your purchase – so in case you find the same unit elsewhere for cheaper, you’re effectively covered. Onto the next thing.

The price of the unit itself is not the only factor you should weigh in the purchase decision. For example, you should consider how much it will cost to get the unit to you. Whether you buy it online or somewhere at a depot, you’re going to have to figure on shipping costs. Budget Air Supply ships all of their units for free – free – and they offer really fast shipping as well. That’s two checks in their camp – both free shipping and remarkable fast shipping as well.

Now how about customer service, which covers more than one pain point for most shoppers. For one thing, customer service entails responsiveness, reliability, and expertise. For your part, that may not be too concerning, especially if you have already picked out the unit you want. For others, there might be questions about the unit. How does it positively manage indoor air quality? Does it have a multi-speed blower motor? Is it a Goodman ARUF model with a SmartFrame Sub Structure? Can it be positioned as a horizontal unit? These are all questions you or other shoppers might have – and questions that won’t be answered except by a competent and responsive supplier.

Then again, for your specific purposes, consider that a system containing an air handler – whether a Goodman heat pump package or an air conditioning system, it doesn’t matter which – will not be much use to use until it is configured and installed on the premises of your home. That’s another area in which Budget Air Supply’s customer service shines. While they operate online from their website, BudgetAirSupply.com, they also maintain a network of installation partners so that your new unit will be installed and ready to go as soon as possible. After all, what good is an air conditioner that doesn’t work?

Pricing and customer service really set them apart from the competition, especially since so many other providers hardly even pick up the phone when you call. Speaking of that, give them a call today to see what they can do for you – you can reach them at 855-473-646 – you won’t regret it!

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