Why Choose Kraft Boxes With Handles?


Kraft Boxes With Handles

Gable boxes, also known as corrugated boxes, are manufactured by the Kraft Foods Corporation. They have been manufactured for over one hundred years in the USA and were first used to send food items by mail. A few decades ago they were made of lead and were used by post offices for sorting letters and packages. The current boxes are made of heavy-gauge cardboard and are available in many different colours and patterns. They are ideal for custom printing on and around the outside or on the inside of the box.

Kraft Foods Corporation

Kraft Foods Corporation produces both standard and custom moulded gable boxes with handles. Their standard lunch boxes have a white colour and are available in red, blue, green and yellow colour choices. These lunch boxes are great for promotional purposes and can be purchased at a number of different locations. Their custom lunch boxes are available online and in local stores throughout the USA. Customers can have these custom lunch boxes personalized by imprinting a company logo or design or simply choose from their stock of sturdy Kraft boxes with handles.

Company Logo or Pattern

Customers wishing to order custom-moulded boxes with handles can send in their chosen design or pattern and have the company logo or pattern imprinted directly onto the cardboard. They can also choose to have the company logo or pattern incorporated into the design of the outside of the box, as well as the inside. This will allow the customer to print the correct size and shape of a box that matches their specific product. Boxes can also be double wrapped with accent foil, making them even more attractive to customers.

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Easier for Kraft Foods Corporation to Achieve 

The cardboard that is used to create corrugated boxes with handles has already been sorted, measured and cut into the appropriate sizes prior to manufacturing. This makes it much easier for Kraft Foods Corporation to achieve a consistent size, shape and colour when producing boxes. Kraft Foods Corporation uses the highest quality corrugated boxes that they can find to produce boxes that stand the test of time and heavy usage. Many of their customers have used these boxes for decades and continue to purchase them for every occasion.

Corporation Uses High-Quality Boxes

These boxes with handles are ideal for any company that needs a durable and functional packaging solution for its products. Kraft Foods Corporation uses high quality, corrugated boxes manufactured by their corrugated cardboard mills to manufacture these convenient packaging solutions. These boxes are designed to stand up to years of everyday use. Customers are provided with a hassle-free way to package their products using high-quality packaging supplies.

Increase Brand Awareness

Many companies have found that Kraft boxes with handles are an excellent way to enhance their brand image and increase awareness of their company. For example, Jack and Jill Marketing Company use corrugated boxes printed with their company’s logo on the inside. Their cardboard boxes are rectangular in shape and have four handles. The four handles make it easy to package Jack and Jill’s homemade cookies or Kraft candies.

High-Quality Packaging Materials

Kraft Foods Corporation uses a corrugated cardboard manufacturing process to produce boxes with handles. This allows them to create high-quality packaging materials for a variety of products. Customers can have their boxes printed with any design or logo they choose. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other for a multi-use packaging solution.

Kraft Food Boxes

Many retail food chains use Kraft boxes with handles to display their yoghurt, cereal, and other yoghurt-related goods. Kraft cardboard boxes are large enough to display several different brands of yoghurt at once. Many companies provide cardboard boxes in various sizes so that you can accommodate different sizes of yoghurt jars on the same box. This allows customers to easily assess the quality of the yoghurt from one box versus another. Kraft ensures that its customers get the best presentation possible for their products.

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