What is new in SEO your business must not miss out today

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SEO has become one of the most crucial deciding factors for the success of a website and consequently the business owning the site. In fact, SEO is the lifeline of every business website and failing to focus on SEO can lead to disastrous results that will falsify the very purpose of your website. If you are not using SEO to your advantage, you are missing out something big that comes without a big investment for the betterment of your business. The various elements of a good SEO implementation can help enhance the appeal of a website to both the users and search engines. Here are a few points you must not miss out today if you want your SEO to give you the best results.

Benefiting from your Google reviews

Google reviews have become more important to users and businesses these days than any time in the past. To take the best advantage of your Google reviews, first claim your Google business page through Google My Business. This can give you the route to access and respond to online reviews. Statistics show that users of our times trust Google reviews than anything else when they try to purchase from a business. You will be surprised to know that Google makes use of customer reviews as one of the important criteria to rank the sites. Google prioritizes places with more than 4 stars which makes it very easy for the users to navigate to the right businesses.

Using the Google answer box

Over the past, Google search has evolved so much. Today, it has benefited from a lot of diverse kinds of elements. To be able to understand this, you must know the intricacies of Google search tips. For example, when the users search for an answer related to their query, the first thing they get is an answer box with the straight forward answer. Google answer box displays on the top of a page and finding your way to these answer boxes is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of the users. Search for answer boxes that do not have good answers and format your text to answer those questions directly with the specific kinds of keywords. Know that content is the key factor used by Google for ranking and once your answer is highly appealing, your site can rank higher.

Optimizing for voice search

Voice search is becoming the most common modes of search for increasing number of users. Every small business must make use of this for their advantage. To search for businesses near them, most people are using voice search and increasing the access to voice search can prove to be an ideal strategy for small businesses. Since this is still an underutilized feature, small businesses can use this effectively to increase their local presence. Statistics show that the number of users using voice activated devices is on the fast rise.

A good Calgary SEO company can help your business achieve its objectives in optimizing the business website with a decent budget and generate more ROI.

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