What All Things You Should Expect from Your First Facial?

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A facial is a process of removing impurities from the face with the help of using some activities. Most of us use the gold facial kit to do this process at home. But for beginners, it is recommended to have it done by an expert. If you are going for a facial for the first time, you know the following points:

Expert Consideration

One person should get a facial service from a professional expert. A licensed esthetician performs the facial services. These licensed professionals have almost spent 300 to 1500 hours of training in conducting facial services. It is recommended to have your first facial from these experts only. Your skin is safe in the hands of these experts.

How facial is done?

Every professional follows a different procedure to do a facial on the skin, or it can vary based on the spa or packages you opt for. But following are steps for general facial service:

  1. Preparation for a facial procedure

The facial procedure starts with the first step of preparing yourself for the whole process. This step varies with every spa. Some may give you a shoulder massage before heading towards the facial one. It entirely depends on the package you are opting for.

  1. Facial Process

After getting comfortable for the facial procedure, the next step in this process is cleansing, including exfoliation, steaming, extraction, and finishing off. Before heading towards any cleansing activity, your facial expert may ask you to wash your face with special soap, or some spa experts will carry this activity by themselves only.

Cleansing Activities in Facial Process

  1. Exfoliation

The first step after washing the face is exfoliation. In the process of exfoliation, the dead skin cells and other skin impurities are removed by using gentle exfoliators or scrubs. The exfoliator which your expert is using completely depends upon the spa you are visiting.

  1. Steaming

This step is adopted by some spas and neglected by some. In the process of steaming, the skin pores are open with the help of steam. For the steaming process, your expert will first ask you about your comfortability with the steamer. Questions like Are you able to breathe or Are you uncomfortable with anything will be asked in this step. After which, you have to stay under the steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Extracting

In the process of extraction, all the impurities like mild acne, blackheads, or whiteheads will be removed by your esthetician. This process will not cause any pain to you.

  1. Finishing off

This step completely differs from spa to spa. Your expert will either use a cold towel to close the open pores or use facial masks to finish off the facial process.


When we head towards the facial process for the first time, make sure that you are going to the right spa with expert professionals for this activity. After getting used to this process, you can try products like a diamond facial kit to get an instant cleanup at home.