Top tips for keeping your cat cool in summer

cat cool in summer

When summer comes, cats are not only sweaty and bothered; they are also at a higher risk of potentially lethal heatstroke. Keeping the temperature as low as possible during the summer months is important. While a cat water fountain and bathing your cat with cat shampoo is one such way, there are some other ways to keep the temperature low. Here, have a look at our top tips for cool cats…

Ice treats

Make ice lollies for your cat with some of your favourite treats. Freeze some tuna brine (see our own recipe below) or some low-salt chicken stock for an icy snack that will keep them entertained and chilled.

Play with snowflakes

For humans, they can add cooling to a drink – but for cats, snowflakes can provide a whole world of fun. Place them on a hard floor and push your curious cat around the room and watch. Along with freezing your paws, where the cats absorb and lose heat, it enriches the days when your cat stays indoors and out of the heat.

Ice packs in cooling mats and beds

There is a wide range of cooling mats for pets available to buy, but keeping a freezer block or pad, or even a packet of frozen vegetables, will have the same effect as a blanket wrapped in your cat’s favourite place.

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Wet towel

Most cats are getting wet, so they don’t want to dive into any water to cool down. You can just wet a towel and rub it on your cat’s fur to give him some relief from hot weather.

Top grooming

Excessive fur on cats traps heat, so daily grooming during the heatwave to get rid of dead hair will make your cat feel a bit relaxed. You can also see that your cat is preparing itself more than usual, too. This is nothing to worry about – they have their own way of defeating the heat. When the saliva evaporates from the fur, it will cool them down.

How to protect your cat in the sun

  • Always have a plentiful supply of new, cold water within easy reach of your pet – this will necessitate placing the bowl in various locations around the building. and in the garden.
  • Cats can get a sunburn, especially those with light-coloured, ears, noses, and sparse fur areas. If they are out in the sun or the sun is strongest between 11:00 and 3:00, then put them to sleep in the sun.
  • Provide shade and avoid any stress
  • If your cat’s skin looks dry, crusted, or crooked, seek veterinary advice immediately.
  • remember! See your pet for signs of over-heating, including heavy panting and loss of energy. If you recognize these signs, encourage your cat to drink.
  • If your cat is constantly agitated, breathing fast, the skin is warm to the touch, or drooling or vomiting, it can be heatstroke – contact your doctor immediately. Be especially attentive to elderly or overweight cats.
  • Be careful that your cat does not lock up in a warm room without ventilation (such as a greenhouse). Even if they have chosen to go there, it is worth checking them regularly and taking them out if they seem dull or confused.

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