Top Five Reasons Why Your Website Loads Slowly

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Your website must load within 2 seconds on all browsers. When it takes more time, it irritates internet users. Annoyed with your slow website, they can skip your website before it loads on their browser and go to your competition. Additionally, your slow loading website can suffer in organic Google search results because the search engine prefers fast websites to slow ones.

Therefore, you must immediately check – how much time your website takes to load on different browsers. How will you measure the loading time of your website? Will you count it with your wristwatch or stopwatch on every internet browser? It will consume too much time and tire you out. You will ask what other option you have for it. There are many online tools like, GT Metrix, and Pingdom through which you check the loading speed of your website within a few seconds. If you find your website’s loading time exceeds 2 seconds, connect with your website development company to reduce it.

After telling you the ideal loading time for your website, I will tell you five likely reasons why your website loads slowly.

Let’s get started.

Heavy Images

Most websites load slowly because of their heavy and unoptimized images. So, if you have so many large images on your website, it may be a reason why your website makes your likely customers wait for more than 2 seconds. So, you should ask your online website development company to compress heavy images on your website in such a way that your website’s loading time should improve, but the website’s quality should not be compromised. You should also request them to replace heavier images with lighter images.

So Many Plugins

Developers love plugins because plugins enable them to meet their commitments and deadlines with less effort. Writing custom codes for every requirement consumes time and creates problems for developers to deliver the project in time. Contrarily, integrating plugins does not consume much time and allows the developer to complete the website before the deadline. But, excessive use of plugins creates a problem, too. Your website becomes slow and loads in higher than the supposed time on any browser. So, you must ask your website development company to deactivate all plugins except a few inevitable ones and write custom codes for most requirements. Writing custom codes will consume more time and more money. However, this will improve the loading speed and overall performance of your website.

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So Many HTTP Requests

The use of too much JavaScript and CSS and too many image files make your website slow because when somebody clicks on your URL on Google search results, several HTTP requests are sent to your server to load plenty of files. These so many requests reduce the loading speed of your website.

The good news is you can also check how many HTTP requests are sent to your server when somebody tries to open your website on an internet browser. It is very easy.

If you use Google Chrome, you will see three dots in a vertical line on the top right-hand corner below the Close button. Click the dots, and several options will appear. Click on “More Tools” and then “Developers Tools.” The developers’ page will open on which you can obtain the required information by clicking on Networks.

If you find HTTP requests are so many, then ask your website developer to lessen their number.

Missing Files

Files missing from the backend of your website can also increase the loading time of your website. When a user types the URL of your website on Google Chrome, the internet browser sends several requests to your server to load the website, and the server takes more time because it tries to find missing files as well. The fastest solution to this problem is to restore the backup of your website if you have it.

Poorly-Written JavaScripts and Codes

Poorly-written JavaScripts and codes can also become obstacles in the way of your website’s fast loading and result in longer loading times.  The JavaScripts and codes must be written coherently and precisely. As we can convey a message in one sentence as well as in one hundred sentences, we can write a code in one line or so many lines. The shortest code is always the best.

Talk to your website development company and they will inform you of the exact cause for your website’s high loading speed.

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