The Top 6 Event Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

top 6 event technology trends

The world is exponentially becoming digital and Technology has been playing a crucial role in events from the past few years. Knowing about event technology trends and endorsing the most valuable ones, gives event planner and teams a competitive advantage. Many types of research have shown that using event technology can multiply attendance by 20 percent and escalates productivity by 27 percent.

We are emerging into the new event technologies constantly, but which ones do we consider? To answer your question, we have got you covered with the top 6 event technology trends to watch in 2021.

What is event technology?

Event technology is a term used to delineate all the digital tools and software used in an events industry. Everything right from social media tools, to check-in and registration, to diagramming, and more can be considered as event technology.

Scroll down to know more about the trends that might help you achieve success in your upcoming events.

1 Projection Mapping

If you want to enhance your attendees experience, an augmented reality technology called projection mapping can do your thing. It can create engagement and excitement within your audience. Animation, graphics, videos and other creative content are projected onto any apparent, turning everyday set-up into vibrant and interactive 3D displays.

What this trend means for event planners

Event planners can dramatically modify any space by adding a ‘wow’ factor and building buzz. Projection mapping is an efficient, cost-effective way to generate optical illusions on anything right from cars to landmarks to stages.

With the help of this visual technology, planners can stretch their imaginations as there are no real boundaries. They can present large-scale maps of conventional booths, social media walls, interactive art displays and the cover images of the bestseller keynote speaker.

What this trend means for event venues

Offering tech to reinforce projection mapping save costs effectively. There’s no need of physically constructing or deconstructing any part of the exhibition hall. Just simply add this fun, popular technology to your toolbox and create more events.

2 Event Diagramming in 3D

Before any event goes LIVE, it is important to have a detailed picture of an event layout to make sure you have effective floor plans, foot traffic, lighting, cabling, seating and other essential room elements. 3D event diagramming software comes to your rescue and provides customisable, accurate, collaborative project planning regardless of venue size or design.

Today, virtual events have gained popularity as it provides both on-ground and virtual 3D experience altogether and gives every possible significance to businesses to succeed.

What this trend means for event planners

Planning a room layout frequently requires back-and-forth between you, your stakeholders and the venue. An event diagramming 3D tools smooth the path for communication and can make it overwhelming as you can-

-provide clients with a peaceful mind.

-take your stakeholders and clients on 3D ‘fly throughs’ to clarify the vision.

-manage attendees meal choices and plan seating charts or other preferences

-assist staff members to easily accommodate and identify VIPs and guests with special requests.

What this trend means for event venues

Sales representatives can collaborate with planners in real-time, visually portray upsells, and share variations on the event proposal. Once you have used it a couple of times, you can show clients your diagrams from the previous events.

For example, The venetian has more than 2,000,000 pieces of furniture at hand for events. The company uses an event diagramming tool to mutate vendors’ PDF layouts into to-scale diagrams within their different spaces.

3 Wearable Tech is an Event Technology Trend

Wearable techs such as smart badges and wristbands use NFC (near-field communication) chips which helps in keeping the disruptions and lines to a minimum. It thereby maximises attendees’ engagement and productivity. This technology lets audiences:

-access various event areas

-Interchange information with peers

-Accept exhibitors marketing material

-Purchase without cash

What this trend means for event planners

Wearable tech can help you monitor attendees behaviour, controls access, and speeds-up your check-in with less staffing. It also improves your ROI for exhibitors, who can drive audiences wearing the tech to visit a booth of their interest on an individual’s profile.

Basically, the tech can help alert planners to booths that are not drawing much visitors. This can help exhibitors generate more foot traffic.

What this trend means for event venues

On-site staff members can use real-time data to know when they need to investigate security breaches or provide overflow rooms, such as non-VIP guests in restricted spaces.

4 Teleportation

Teleport from one place to another in just one click thus resulting in saving time. This exuberant feature makes it easier for attendees to navigate exhibition halls, similar to how GPS-enabled google maps and driving assistance is provided by Waze.

What this trend means for event planners

Based on attendees preferred location, planners can generate pop-up directions at an event just like live physical direction maps. Audiences-especially millennials-will appreciate the performance and convenience, spending more time networking and minimum time looking for directions.

What this trend means for event venues

Investments in information technology(IT) infrastructure can be important to manage increased traffic at the event.

#5 RFID and Beacon Attendee Tracking

Radio frequency identification is used at events to store any attendee’s admission information which can also help in detecting frauds and streamline access. RFID is basically a low-cost technology. Whereas, Beacon technology is similar to RFID, it tracks attendees behavior and preferences to generate personalised experiences. Audiences can preview their movements throughout a tradeshow and observe who they interacted with, while exhibitors are notified in real-time when sought-after prospects visit their booth.

What this trend means for event planners

By using this tracking technology you can send leads to sales team members in real-time, gather useful attendee behavioral data, and build attendee profiles to send targeted messaging. Previewing analytics captured by RFID technology also highlights improvement opportunities and validates your event by tracking session popularity, strong tradeshow traffic and length of attendee visits to exhibitor booths.

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What this trend means for event venues

Beacon and RFID technology helps general event staff and security do their job better in real-time, which is important for developing trust and streamlining crowded events. RFID helps in delivering a quality customer experience within the budget.

#6 AI- Intent-Based Matchmaking

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) is the most promising and least understood technology in the digital space. It applies intelligent algorithms and fast processing to huge amounts of data to detect patterns and learn from them.

What this trend means to event planners

In the event industry, AI has the potential to create personalised and accurate interactions by utilising the data given by attendees. When united with data gleaned from the registration process, it offers a powerful matchmaking experience. AI matchmaking allows attendees to connect with the like minded people having common interests, industries, job titles, or any number of other predefined factors.

What this trend means to event venue

Enhances attendees overall experience by enabling them to connect with similar mind-set participants and exhibitors as per their area of interest. It is comparatively less time consuming as you simply find your like minded person effortlessly.

Over to you

All in all, consider these latest technologies to work for your virtual hybrid events, be it conferences or weddings, and stay ahead of the game!