Top 5 Hardware Upgrades That Give You Most for Your Money

Top 5 Hardware Upgrades

Any time a component inside our computer stops working, or exhibits instability, it’s for us to decide whether or not to repair or replace the component. The cheapest option is to just endure the symptoms, but a repair is another option that is always on the cards. However, replacing the component altogether, is not only the best option, but presents the best opportunity for you to upgrade. When we look at the rate of advancements in the computer field, we can almost certainly say, that there will be something better out there, at least a month or two after you’ve purchased a hardware component.

Below is a list of the 5 top hardware components that if replaced, will provide the biggest benefits for your system. Which in turn should lead to longer system life, expanded functionality, and compatibility.

1. Surge Protector

Surge protectors are designed to protect our computer systems, and so you’ll go a long way, by investing in one. You can purchase a surge protector as a standalone power strip, or you can purchase a power strip with UPS built into it. The purpose of these devices is to protect the system from spikes in energy, which occur randomly in circuits whether at the office or at home. Usually it’s caused by lightning or when using high-powered devices such as hair dryers. When one of these devices breaks, replacement is almost always the only option.

Knowing when to replace one of these surge protectors can be pretty tricky, this is because the component itself, typically wears out over time. However, the power strip will continue to work, whether or not the UPS is working. This means, there’s little to no indication that the component is no longer working. The cheapest surge protectors will only last no more than 10 small surges, while the better ones can endure hundreds. The safest option is to go for the most expensive solutions, but still replace them, from time to time.

2. Keyboard

When on our systems, we spend a great deal of our time using the keyboard that comes with it, it makes sense for end users to have a keyboard that is comfortable. Your keyboard is used so often, that it’s no surprise that it breaks down so frequently. Keys may get stuck, or fall off all together, or the thing just may get dirty. When this occurs, it’s always best to go out and find a replacement keyboard, rather than trying to fix what you currently have.

The keyboards you will find today come with a wide range of features. Some of them come with macro keys, which allows you to map certain commands to keys. Some of them can be folded, for transportation, and some come with inbuilt ports, so you can attach a USB device to them. Whatever your needs, there is a keyboard for you.

 3. Video Card

If you’re a gamer, whether hard-core or casual, you may want to consider buying a new graphics card, especially if you haven’t upgraded it, since you purchased your computer. Buying a faster more powerful graphics card, can seriously enhance your gaming experience, improving visuals and frame rates.  The best cards allow you to enjoy the more graphical intensive games.

However, before you buy anything, you must make sure the card is compatible with your system. Make sure the graphics card is compatible with your motherboard that it will fit inside the slot. You also need to consider the size of the card, as you want to ensure it will fit inside your PC case. It’s also possible for you to get a graphics card that is so powerful that it’s bottlenecked by your processor. Which means, it’s unable to fulfil its max potential, because the processor is unable to keep up with it. If your system is relatively old, then you should probably forget about the latest cards. Consider a midrange card, though it’s not top range, you will still notice a dramatic improvement, over what you’re currently using. Some cards also have SLI capabilities, which is the ability to connect two graphics cards together and run them as one, in your system.

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4. Flash Media Reader

There are hundreds of different devices today that use their own flash cards. The more common devices include MP3 players, smartphones and digital cameras. With these small devices, we can take our data along with us. Because there are many different kinds of flash formats, you will find that many of these card readers come as all-in-one. However, if the reader breaks down or is lost, then there are several options available to you. The first is of course, to repair it, and the second is to buy a newer model.

Many of the older card readers are USB 1.1. Whereas the latest ones are at least USB 2.0, which makes them at least 40 times faster. This is one of the main reasons why you may want to consider the upgrade.

Additionally, you will find that new flash formats are still being introduced to the marketplace. That means, if you have an old card reader, you won’t be able to read these newer formats. Presenting another reason why you may want to consider an upgrade.

5. New Motherboard and CPU

When you replace the other areas of your computer, it’s no different from attaching new arms and legs to a body. However, when you add a new motherboard and CPU to your case, that’s like adding a new body entirely. A new motherboard may seem like a drastic upgrade, but it’s not so difficult to carry out. Providing you follow set standards to a tee. And when done, you can expect for some new dramatic, all positive changes to your computer experience. Motherboards are also relatively cheap. You want to get the best possible board, so that you can later upgrade it, when your CPU starts struggling to keep up with the latest programs. Or you need more memory to run the latest computer games.

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