TOBBI’s Age Guide For Kid’s Ride-On Toys

What do you think is the most important when choosing a ride-on car toy for your kids? The car’s style, height, and bodywork, as well as other features like parental control and throttle control with a twist grip? Have you ever realised that everything you felt was dependent on your child’s age? The figure, motor ability, cognitive capacity, and other characteristics of children of various ages were all different. Of course, there will be variations in the physical and cognitive performance of children of the same generation, but there will be a common pattern for most kids. We assume that as parents, we will be able to determine which kind of ride-on to purchase for our children. My son, for example, has always been taller than other girls and boys at the same age. I’m thinking about buying him clothing or toys for children aged three or four now that he’s two years old. Here are several suggestions for selecting an appropriate ride-on toy for your children of various ages.

Age 0-2– Push Car, Foot-Powered Cars For Toddlers

Since young children under the age of two are so vulnerable and easily hurt, security is the most critical factor when we choose a ride-on for them. Children at this age are too young to drive themselves, a push car or a foot-to-floor ride-on car will be an excellent option. Enjoy the ride and have fun with your little driver by pushing your little one forward, or letting your toddlers go on their own driven by foot under your guidance. In this case, you as parents can free your hands for indoor housework or unencumbered and fun walks outside, while your child can love the thrilling exercise, which will strengthen their muscles and provide them with a way to see the world. Below is a picture of a push car from TOBBI for you.

Mercedes 3-in-1 Toddler Ride-on Push Car with Music

Toddler Ride on Push Car

Your precious little child is protected from the sun and rain by the push car with a considerate canopy. Furthermore, a push car with a steering wheel and a cool car body is really appealing to young drivers. Give your kids a foot-powered ride-on when they grow older so they can practice their motor skills and go anywhere they want.

Age 3-5– Kid’s Electric Ride-On Vehicle With Safety Features

Children aged 3 to 5 are excited about anything and are improving their motor skills without regard for safety awareness. As a result, you should encourage them to go outside while maintaining their safety. Details such as parental control model, seat belt, and speed limit capping are extremely important. Aesthetic qualities such as colour, thorough bodywork, and so on can be seen by perceptive children. An electric car with the above safety features and multimedia features built-in will be a fantastic option. Allow your little drivers to go on a fun, colourful, and healthy outdoor adventure. For children of this generation, the TOBBI Ride-on Plane, a reproduction of the shipboard aircraft in the Battle of Midway, is suggested.

12V Kids Ride on Airplane, Army Green

Kids Ride on Airplane

Its countless practical features and functions can provide your child with a fantastic driving experience in a vintage jet. The plane toy appeals to all children due to its foldable wings and wind-driven propeller. Your little pilot will control the direction with two virtual aviation levers, immersing himself in the thrill of flying a plane. Aside from that, there is audio, a clock, a remote control, a seat belt, and a battery indicator. The shock-absorbing wheels and built-in circuit safety add to long-term use and safe driving.

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Age 5-8– Official Ride-On With Authentic Designs

Toddlers aged 5 to 8 have acquired basic motor skills and self-awareness. They are keen to learn more about the planet in a more hands-on manner. The better option will be a licensed kid’s ride-on with realistic features, such as a miniature of famous vehicles. Licensed power wheels come with all of the requisite accessories, such as a head LED lamp, more gear options, a power lock braking system, and a forward/reverse shifter, to give your little drivers a practical driving experience and encourage them to appreciate the colourful world.

TOBBI carries registered children’s ride-on vehicles from Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, and other manufacturers. The following is a registered Maserati vehicle.

12V Kids Powered Ride on Toys Maserati Electric Car

Maserati Electric Car

The Maserati electric car for kids from 12v powered ride-on toys comes with a working horn, power lock, practical steering tone, multifunctional dashboard, built-in MP3, USB, SD card socket, parental control model, and two-point safety belt. You can choose from four different colours: white, black, rose red, and red. But owing to the poor road clearance, make sure to cruise in flat terrain.

Age 8+– Mighty Truck

Mighty Truck

Children above the age of eight have acquired a wide range of skills. They will drive more modern vehicles, including heavy vehicles such as jeeps and trucks. These vehicles are distinguished by their large tires or frame, as well as the presence of two engines. They have enough horsepower and can roll on any terrain, allowing your kids to enjoy the endless thrills of driving. We suggest the TOBBI truck below for children of this generation.


The 12-volt strong kid’s ride-on jeep with a long wheelbase and body, 2WD double motors is rugged enough to cruise on rough roads, mud, lawn, and more, and is made of ABS Plastic and ASTM-certified. For a cool and safe adventure, it comes with soft leather seats, 14-inch traction wheels and EVA tires as a suspension system, an authentic LED light, as well as a real jeep opening door and a vroom drive tone. Added realistic features, such as a customizable three-speed transmission (from 1.8 to 3.7 mph), an inbuilt MP3, and a working LED light and horn, give them a more realistic and exciting driving experience.

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Hopefully, the information provided above will assist you in locating the best ride-on cars for your children. TOBBI’s recommended car toys have stood the test of time and have won our customers’ hearts. We are confident that they will not disappoint you. When you give your child a ride-on toy in the future, remember to recognize his or her age.