Things That Should Be Kept In Mind While Accepting the Project

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Things move quickly in eCommerce, as they do in almost any industry. On a daily basis, we must consider numerous factors, make numerous decisions, and choose from a variety of models, methods, and other options. Of course, some of those are minor details that we encounter on a regular basis. However, some of them are very large and have a significant impact on both us and our business. At any given time, the organization has between a dozen and two dozen active ventures. Others are complete web store creation programs, while others are operations that provide funding and further development. It’s essentially the same scenario as when you have a large family. You adore them all (most of the time), regardless of model/character or age/size. When a client comes with a particular project in mind, we have to consider a number of factors in order to determine whether or not the project is a good match for us. To put it another way, just as a customer chooses an eCommerce firm, an agency (Edtech) chooses a client.

These are the few points that would help you to decide whether to choose the project or not.


Every project involves a significant amount of time. Many times, project RFPs are submitted too late to reach those deadlines, or projects are planned/expected to be completed in an unreasonable time frame. If a client has a tight deadline or we are in a time/resources crunch, this part necessitates careful discussion and preparation so that a solid estimate can be made and the prospect can be further evaluated. When we talk about a project with a high degree of difficulty and tight deadlines, we’re talking about a high-risk situation. All parties are at risk in this situation: The deadline is important to the customer.

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When it comes to project budgets, the emphasis is less on the scale of the budget and more on what can be accomplished with it. When addressing this section, the scope of the requirements and the project’s shire magnitude must be taken into account. A client must understand that their total budget will steer the project in a specific direction. This conundrum is actually very simple: if anything cannot be accomplished within a given budget, it is quite obvious. We will always do our utmost to optimize a client’s budget in order to meet all of their needs; however, there are times when we are unable to do so. There is one crucial point to note, and that is overspending! In most cases, it makes no sense for the client to put “everything” of his or her money into the project while ignoring all of the other costs that will arise. We’re concerned about things like repairs, marketing, and third-party providers. If we want our web store to be effective and expand, we need all of it.


One of the most significant factors is technological advancement. Clients may wish to develop their online store on a specific platform or technology. The issue arises when this platform/technology is not appropriate for a specific project. Given the variety of customers, markets, and niches, this is a distinct possibility. It is critical to determine whether and to what degree a project is feasible on specific technologies. Naturally, almost everything can be programmed from the ground up to make the device work. But how well will it perform, how much will it cost, and how much will it cost to upgrade and maintain?


It is important that both parties have a thorough understanding of the proposal, its prospects, and its constraints. The only way to have healthy aspirations is to do so. However, there is another element of expectation to consider, and that is the relationship between companies. We must all be mindful of our positions, the work that needs to be done on each end, as well as our duties and responsibilities. Only then will we be able to keep each other accountable and develop a positive relationship. Assumptions are the most common mistakes people make because something that isn’t said/asked and presumed has a high risk of being an issue. A guarantee we can’t keep is an absolute no-no! Promising something you can’t deliver (in terms of time, technology, etc.) just to get a project is the worst thing you can do. And, in the end, neither the client nor the developers would be pleased. Any promise/guarantee you make and don’t follow through with will come back to bite you.


Perspective is crucial because it is impossible to even begin a project without it. We like to understand the client’s needs, the client’s business model, as well as the client’s short- and long-term plans while doing so. It is important that we are able to align our visions of the future and work in the same direction. That said, everything will seem to be fine at times, but if we do not share the same vision, it may be difficult to move forward. There is hope for alignment if the issues are debated freely and honestly, but if the two sides are miles apart from the start, there is no chance for a big twist.


This is one of the facts that will reveal the nature of your future business relationship. If your client or the organization (both) exhibits problematic, delayed, or prolonged contact in the early stages of your partnership, it may be a strong indicator of how your relationship will develop in the future. This issue could arise for a variety of reasons: the other side is overburdened, there are other bottlenecks, the person you’re speaking with lacks authority or does not fully comprehend the project, and so on. There’s also the chance that the key touch persons on both sides have big personality clashes. When assessing the quality of your contact, you must remember all of this. If all of these issues are addressed as soon as possible, there is a good possibility that these issues will be resolved. That is the only way to keep the issues from worsening in the future.

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