The magnificent Nature’s bloom, roses, and its variety


Roses, by just hearing the name we have a splendid visual image of it in our mind, the vibrant petals, the rich hues and the numerous soft and tender petals which are rounded towards the end and which possess sweet and exotic aroma of roses which gladdens our heart. Roses are a timeless beauty and of all flowers, it just takes the crown of being the most loved flower and the flower which spreads most love. The flow possesses deep meaning to it and down the ages, it has been the messenger of love. Roses have their significance in all ages.

In ancient Greek mythology, the rose holds deep value, it is specifically associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The tragic story of the love of Aphrodite and Adonis is famous and Greeks believed that roses emerged from the tears of Aphrodite and the blood of Adonis. In the Victorian era, the ‘language of flowers came into being which broadly involved using flowers as a symbol of conveying the feelings and emotions to the prospect lover. And so, do different colours of roses signify different meanings.

During Valentine’s day, roses carry a lot of value in the life of the lovers. And not only on Valentine’s day, each time whenever love is celebrated, but it also makes the presence of roses. Having roses in the garden fills the environment with a refreshing floral scent and a love-filled aura.

Growing roses is one of the favourite parts of a gardener. And not only in its meaning, colour and texture it has varieties but there exist a wide number of different types of roses than the usual one you have seen. This blog will be all about knowing the type of exquisite roses that many of you might not know about.

The different types of roses

There are over three hundred species of absolutely gorgeous roses that exist knowing about which one would wish to have it in their garden.

Old Garden Rose

Roses do not appear as what we see today. Earlier before 1867 roses used to be different and those roses are termed as heirloom or old garden roses. It used to be smaller in size than what we have today. Old garden roses had a very strong aroma. They are also known as antique roses. Fascinating isn’t it? The old garden roses used to bloom only once a year and they didn’t have the capability of repeat blooming like that of roses of today which can bloom for the most part of the year. It was pre china rose hybridization that this kind of rose existed.

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Wild roses

As the name suggests these are wild blooms which means they emerge naturally without any plantation. They do not require any special care and nothing from the gardener. They are big and really beautiful and also, they look quite different from the rest of the variety of roses. A wild rose only has five open petals in it and there won’t be more than that. Also, they come mostly in pink colour and sometimes some blooms in white shade and red shade. And if you are lucky enough, you will get to see the rarest yellow colours of wild roses. The species of wild roses are mostly native to North America.

Modern Garden Roses

By now you might have guessed how modern garden roses would be. Yes, it is what we have in our garden, in our flower vases and the one we give our beloved, the large petals from the old garden roses. In comparison to the old garden roses, the hybrid modern roses, if specifically mentioned, post china rose hybridization the roses gained the ability to bloom continuously and repeat bloom. But while the antique roses were hardier the modern one is more tender. Also, the modern garden roses lacked the strong scent of the old roses, now it is subtle.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are very famous among all the other modern roses. They are big and beautiful and come in a large number of colour options sometimes in two shades of colour and sometimes wholly in one colour. But the pretty sight needs high maintenance to bloom. They usually have 30-40 pointed petals and are rounded at the end and are well structured. They bloom upright in a long stem and look really gorgeous to have in your garden. But the only con of it is it is less disease resistant.

Shrub Roses

While it is said that hybrid roses require maintenance, not all modern roses require that much attention. Shrub roses are that kind of it. Shrub roses spread in a sprawling manner. The size of the roses are small and not that well structured like that of the other hybrid roses such as the tea rose, but in its small size, it holds its own beauty. They come in a wide range of colours and they appear in clusters. They have a nice fragrance and they can withstand extreme cold.

Grandiflora Roses

This is a very interesting type of rose, where a cross has been made between the Hybrid Tea roses and Floribunda roses in the last century. They are called the subcategory of Hybrid Tea roses. Both of them have been crossed so that Grandiflora roses have the ability to have gorgeous blooms as Hybrid Tea and can bloom repeatedly like that of Floribunda roses. They have almost all the qualities of Hybrid Tea, always in long stems and although they are quite a sight, they couldn’t become everyone’s favourite and are less popular. But while Hybrid Tea roses are less hardy, Grandiflora roses are more. Maybe it didn’t gain much popularity but nature’s bloom can never be any less beautiful.

While there are so many different varieties of roses and one is better than the other, it is not really possible to mention all in a short blog. The above-mentioned types of roses are the most popular and significant ones. There you have learnt a lot about the history of roses and the way they evolved down the ages.

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