The jobs in digital marketing and emerging markets

The job market is stagnating, it is difficult to find new jobs in Pakistan, but some emerging markets like digital marketing offer lucrative job offers for you. Digital marketing is providing a bundle of new job opportunities for the graduates. You can make your career in this field and can earn a lot in this field. It would be quite amazing for you, digital marketing is the third-largest outsourced survive around the world. It is estimated around 34 % of businesses have outsourced the services of digital marketing managers. 

The trend is growing and we are finding new fields and job opportunities for the youngsters. You can observe there is always an increasing trend of digital marketing services, companies are generating billions of dollars of revenues by using online platforms and for the branding.

In this article, we are going to discuss various jobs and careers for the youngster in digital marketing:

Digital marketing manager:

Digital marketing managers are well-paid and talented personnel, a digital marketing manager is the backbone of any organization. He controls all the digital marketing activities, a digital marketing manager’s opinion is crucial in selecting the digital marketing team. You can become a digital marketing manager with two to three years of service in a reputable organization.

There are different responsibilities of the digital marketing manager, like making a strategy to advertise and sell the product and services of the organization. Keeping in personal contact with the target market and trying to guide the organization, how they can produce products and services according to the wishes of the target audience.

 It is quite encouraging to know that the income of the digital marketing manager grows with the passage of time, as people do also outsource your service. The digital marketing manager has to select the keywords that the company is going to target and devise a strategy to produce the best quality of the content and SEO strategies for better SERP of the companies website and blog.

The content writer and digital marketing:

 Quality content is critical for the success of digital marketing efforts, if you have unique and well-researched content, you then have a better chance of getting a better SERP ranking. For generating better business for your organization it is crucial for your organization, your website falls on the first page of the Google search page. 

When you stay permanently on the first page of the Google SERP, you can see a boost in traffic to the website, you can adopt this career if you better Grip on grammar and have a broader perspective of the world. Companies do tend to outsource the better quality content writer, as it is difficult to produce a quality content by yourself. 

You can be a good content writer if you take it as a challenge. Producing and studying new topics is a great habit, and you can earn a lot from this job. Students are joining this job, as it is quite entertaining and you can earn a handsome amount of money as a professional content writer.

The SEO specialist and digital marketing:

The SEO specialist makes the SERP of the website better and they are always working to get better backlinks and find quality content to keep the website on the first page of the Google SERP. There are separate people required for on-page and off-page SEO. This can be great for the organization, to boost their revenues, as when your website continuously keeps on the first page of the Google SERP, you find exponential traffic on your e-commerce website. 

This can be great for your revenues. Companies do find it lucrative to have a professional content writer they are willing to pay a handsome salary to professional content writers. If you are professional enough, you can also outsource the SEO work for various companies.

The web developers:

The web developers are always trying to make an interactive website for the company, when the customer login to the company website, he would purchase a product or service, so your website should be interactive enough to guide the customers. It is downloaded on mobile devices, companies are always updating their websites, so they need a team of professional coders for the company. 

You can join this career by doing various web development diplomas. This career is quite attractive as you can grow fastly in your career and can outsource the services for better income. Getting a job as a web developer, you need some experience in developing the website and a complete grip on the coding.


Job search can be a hectic process for the youngsters, there is an emerging market of digital marketing, it is providing the best career for you. It is possible, you can do online courses without any cost and start an attractive career in the digital marketing team.