The Difference between CCNA and CCNP certifications

CCNA and CCNP certifications

Many people may know about Cisco certification. After all, Cisco certification was launched by Cisco, which is the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions. There are CCNA and CCNP certifications in Cisco certification system, which one is better? What is the contrast between CCNA and CCNP?

Different certification levels

CCNA certification is the associate certification in Cisco certification. Passing the CCNA exam means that you have the ability to install, configure, operate a medium-sized routing and switching network, and perform troubleshooting. You are able to establish connections with remote sites through the WAN, eliminate basic security threats, and understand the requirements for wireless network access.

The CCNP certification is the professional certification in the Cisco certification, indicating that engineers are capable of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting LAN and WAN convergence from 100 nodes to over 500 nodes. They can manage routers and switches that form the core of the network, integrate voice, wireless, and security into edge applications in the network.

Different exam fees

The CCNA exam cost is USD325, and you only need to take part in one exam. The CCNP exam consists of three exams, each costing USD300 and totaling USD900. You should notice that to take the CCNP, you must take the CCNA first.

The difference in the value of the certifications

Network engineers who have obtained CCNA certifications are most enterprise network managers, and their salaries are relatively low.

The network engineers with CCNP certifications have more options, such as technical support engineers. They can also engage in technical sales work with higher remuneration.

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The difference in learning content

The learning content of CCNA is more basic mainly categorized into the principle of network communication, construction of small and medium sized exchange enterprise network, and Internet access. Please refer to CCNA course introduction for more details.

The knowledge of CCNP is deepened and increased on the basis of CCNA furthering your study of the technology and application of CCNA routing and switching. It mainly includes basic knowledge of routing, advanced routing, basic switching modules, and advanced applications of switching modules.

In short, CCNP is more valuable than CCNA. CCNP offers better help to your skills upgrading and employment. Of course, if sufficient funds are available, I strongly recommends you to learn CCIE. First, you do not need to take the CCNA and CCNP before taking the CCIE exam. This saves a considerable amount of exam fees. Second, CCIE certification is more recognizable and valuable.

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