Some cool technology gadgets

Cool Technology Gadgets

Working and living have become easier and comfortable with the use of technology. And for making our lives easiest, there are Some cool technology gadgets. Gadgets are small machines or tools that perform any particular function. They are unique and ingenious electrical and mechanical tools.

Some cool technology gadgets:

Technology has introduced smart devices for certain smart functions, which is most commonly known as gadgets. In the last few decades, a lot of technology gadgets are designed to perform various tasks. We can not now live without technology. It seems like a nightmare to think about living without these tools. Here are some technology gadgets that make your life easier, efficient, comfortable, and work more entertainingly.

Apple iPhone:

iPhone was launched in 2007. Smartphones were introduced years ago. But not any other company had reached the level of the iPhone. Truly Apple company has the power to put computers In millions of pockets. These Apple iPhone has introduced a new era of flat touch screens removing the statics buttons and keyboard. This is one of the devices loved a lot by the experts of  Essay Writing Service.

Sphero BB8:

Technology has made it possible to bring the magic to your home and into your life, which you see on your mobile phones or screen. Sphero BB8 app-enabled droid made it possible. This is one of the coolest gadgets that you can buy. Its features include, it works on your voice command. It informs you and notifies you about every activity that is happening in your house. BB8 recognizes your voice. It is also AI-powered. BB8 learn from the interaction of its users.

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The Zendure Super Tank USB-C portable charger:

If we talk about its size, it is 4.7 by 2.9 by 1.6 inches. And when it comes to weight, it is 17.6 ounces. It costs a very handsome amount. But if you travel with your laptop or carry several devices, this is the perfect portable charger. For airline travel, 99.9 Wh capacity is best, but this portable charger has a capacity of 27,000 mAh. The output of 100W can charge your MacBook at a very high speed and charge your iPhone seven times within one charge. It has 8 hours of battery time. Another feature that made it different from other chargers is that you can also charge your low power devices like Bluetooth earphones or your smartwatch with its low power mode. You can charge your multiple devices at the same time. There is also an LCD on it, which shows the charging level.

Robot vacuum cleaner:

Initially, the technology made our cleaning easier with vacuum cleaners, and now, later on, they have our cleaning easiest with these robotic vacuum cleaners. On these robotic vacuum cleaners, one of the best and latest ones are D77 deebot from the range of Deebot from Ecovacs. It is a 3-dimensional smart technology. How cool it sounds, cleaning with the robot vacuum cleaner. It can automatically navigate and detect the hurdles and obstacles and can also empty its dustbin. The most interesting and coolest feature is that you can pre-set your robot vacuum cleaner. Now you do not have to worry about cleaning even when you are not at home. Once you have pre-set your robot vacuum cleaner with its intelligent time scheduling, it can automatically clean the house. It also has different modes to clean all kinds of floor.

Clocky robotic alarm:

Clocky robotic alarm is the most useful gadget for those who are not an early morning person but have to wake up early or who slept again after snoozing their alarms and then get late. Because clocky robotic alarm is not like the other alarm clocks, it would be made you ran all around your room in the morning as it plays hide and seek with you. Clocky ran away and hid somewhere in your room and started continuously beeping until you get out of your bed, found it and then close it. Now you can not sleep again after snoozing your alarm any more with cocky. It ensures you not getting late from work and no oversleeping again.

Wireless LED light bulbs:

Another technology gadget that is making our life easy are the wireless LED light bulbs that are suitable for home and the office environment. They are energy-saving bulbs that consume less electricity than other bulbs. With these wireless LED light bulbs, there are no of those traditional on and off buttons. You can control these lights smartly with your mobile phones. You can control all the lights with one mobile app and schedule your wireless LED light bulbs on your mobile phone or tablet when to turn in and turn off. These lights can ideally be used in the office and home.

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Are you fond of reading books? Do you have book reading habits before sleeping or during travelling? If yes, then this book light is the coolest gadget and blessing for you. Your book reading habit would not bother your partner with these book lights because you do not need to turn on your lamp or bedroom light for this. You can clip this book light with your book. These are plastic cased LED lights which is suitable for your reading. You can adjust the viewing angle of your book light, and you are the one who adjusts its brightness. You can easily read the book with these book lights during flights and on trains also.


Smartwatches are the most demanded gadgets nowadays because of their versatile features. Because of its too much demand by the consumers’ number of companies has introduced their smartwatches, these companies include Apple, Samsung, Vivo active, Sony, Garmin and many other. These smartwatches perform a number of different functions. You can get all your notifications on your smartwatch; it is also a fitness monitor for its users. Some of the smartwatches have a camera in them. They are useful for working outdoor.