Fix Your Social Media Review Process

Recently updated on May 12th, 2021 at 03:28 pm

You need a strong online presence to have a successful and recognizable brand. Most brands try established social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for their digital marketing. While others try upcoming social channels like Houseparty, Helo, and CoNnEcTd as they offer more innovative services. But, how can a brand stand out with so many users on these websites? It’s simple – by ensuring a successful social media review process and content plan.

Why it’s important? 

The social media review process of a brand is a set of steps that every post should go through before being posted on social media. This is crucial because it ensures that the brand’s content is consistent, regardless of who creates and posts it. 

A successful social media review process is essential for a company that is thinking to create an online presence. If your brand often posts content that has multiple mistakes, your followers will soon notice and it could affect your brand reputation. Similarly, if your content writer is creating posts that don’t sync with your brand’s image and posting them without review, your brand will lose consistency.

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The most important thing to consider is that while creating or fixing your social media review process, keep it simple. 


It is advisable to start with a team meeting to brainstorm ideas for potential social media campaigns. As a team, you can brainstorm ideas, prioritize them and fine-tune them before they are even created. The focus of such exercise can be one, or more project, depending on what your upcoming goals are. 

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Asset Collection

Once the meeting gets over, the content creator should collect all assets necessary for the project. This may include things such as pictures and videos as it can help create the flow of the written content.  Create digital asset management (DAM) system to manage your creative assets so that all of your team’s content can be found in one place.

Writing the content

Once you have collected all of the assets, the content can be written. Here, it is usually the content creator who is responsible for creating the perfect copy. And to ensure that your content creator is creating content based on your brand’s image, specific brand guidelines need to be created. Such guidelines will be based on the brand, but they will make you every post consistent, regardless of which content creator posts.

Review and feedback

After the content creator has Complet the writing, it should be sent off for review and feedback. Now, it’s your reviewer’s job to check the project for things such as grammatical errors, quality of language, or inconsistencies. Once the content gets thoroughly reviewed, it should be sent to the content manager for approval.

Manager approval 

At this point, the proof of content should be approved by a content manager to ensure it meets all brand guidelines and the goals set out for the project. If more changes are needed at this point, the content creator should be informed to make the necessary revisions.


If the content fails to meet the brand’s guidelines or goals, more changes should be done to the project despite the extensive reviewing process. Therefore, the project should be sent back to the content creator for a final revision and now your content is ready for posting.

Scheduling of Posts

Now your content is ready to go. Normally, brands like to create content well in advance, you can choose a suitable date in your team’s calendar for your new post to go up. Appoint a person who can schedule this post along with a caption to go if necessary.


To ensure your brand’s online image, it’s important to create a streamlined social media process. Consistency is the key to creating a solid digital marketing plan like in other aspects of life. An effective social media plan is crucial for a good brand image.