Skincare Tips for Kids and Adults

Summer is all about long days by the pool, picnics, ball games, and outdoor activities with family members and friends. It is essential to protect your child’s skin to avoid the risk of painful sunburns and premature ageing, dry skin, and cancer. Selecting the proper sun protection can sometimes be the most tricky and confusing, so we are here with a few essential Skincare Tips for Kids from the sun, as suggested by team checkupsmed, specializing in medication check-up and medical delivery in Kenya.

Safety from the sun for infants

infants under the age of six months should not spend time in direct sunlight and must only be subjected to indirect sunlight for short periods. It would help if you always kept your infant beneath a shady or shielded place. An umbrella is an excellent way to keep your baby safe and relaxed; make sure that the infant is appropriately hydrated.

Always dress your baby in loose, lightweight dresses that cover them entirely from arms to legs along with a wide hat to protect their face from direct sunlight; make sure to use eye protection as well. We recommend sunglasses for infants approved by authorities (plus, it’ll make your baby look fantastic!). When necessary, you can even apply modest quantities of sunscreen to an infant’s face and the back of the hands. If you need to use sunscreen, make sure its SPF score is 30 or greater. If your infant suffers from any skin related problem, get him/her checked by checkupsmed for a complete medication check-up.

Sun safety for children and adults

Choosing the proper clothing is the only possible way to protect yourself from the direct rays of the sun. Wearing cotton or garments with an SPF rating is a fantastic option. Just make sure that the cloth you choose to wear is loose and covers as much of the skin as possible. Cotton is a superb material because it’s woven tightly and filters from the harmful solar rays. Broad-brimmed hats and sunglasses are essential!

How do I choose a sunscreen?

Picking a sunscreen can seem complicated at first; here are some pointers that will help you out.
The first thing you need to look for is a sunscreen that protects you from uva and UVB rays. Uva rays cause premature ageing and will be the number one cause of skin cancers. Uvb rays are the “sunburn beams”. Not all sunscreens protect from both kinds of rays. Make sure you use ones using an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher but note that sunscreens using a complete SPF greater than 50 are not substantially stronger.

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Not all sunscreens are the same. You may be amazed to learn that they come in two broad categories. A few are physical sunscreens, where the lotion or spray sits over the skin to deflect the sun’s radiation. Others have been chemical sunscreens that absorb the radiation and keep it from damaging the epidermis. While both are equally effective, chemical sunscreens can occasionally cause moderate to severe irritation on the skin, particularly for small kids, and are not exceptionally environmentally friendly, so you should always consider that while choosing your sunscreen. You can always consult the experts at checkups med and get your medical supplies delivered to your doorstep as we provide the fastest medical delivery in Kenya.

How often should I apply sunscreen?

You should apply sunscreen for at least thirty minutes before going out in the sun. Reapply sunscreen after just two hours of water time or after you’ve dried off your skin.
Ensure that you apply the sunscreen well on the ears, nose, neck, behind the knees and at the backs of shoulders. If you face any side effect by using sunscreen on your skin, instantly get your medication check-up done by the professionals at checkupsmed.

Other things to take into account

sunburns can even occur to you on a cloudy day! To be safe, make sure you apply sunscreen every time you or your children plan an outing. Additionally, you never know when the weather may give you a surprise.
Try not to go out between 10 am and 4 pm to avoid extended exposure to the sun, as the sun’s radiations are strongest during these hours.
Following these tips can guarantee a safe, fun summer and prevent harmful skin conditions over time to come.

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