Silk Scarves – An Ideal Summer Accessory

Recently updated on November 8th, 2022 at 10:33 pm

We often forget the possibilities that our wardrobe can offer as we search for new accessory trends to inspire ourselves. We are still on the lookout for inspiration, scouring the red carpets and scouting out industry experts’ insights and advice. It doesn’t take much effort to express yourself powerfully. The silk scarf is a great example. This accessory is the perfect way to elevate your brand and enhance your style. It was traditionally worn in very limited ways. Remember? Our mothers used scarves to give them an extra “pop.” Today, we can wear the silk scarf in many ways that make a statement.

A silk scarf is not an accessory that serves as a practical addition like eyeglasses. 

It’s designed to be worn alone, and it is luxuriously soft to the touch and light in bulk. 

You can complete it! It can be adorned in any of the many ways that you wish.

This stunning piece is also not expensive. You have many options at all price points, giving you the flexibility to include ladies silk scarves into your wardrobe and your brand.

These are just a few of the many uses for silk scarves. Some are more traditional than others, but we want to bring the silk scarf back into fashion. It will always be a timeless accessory, no matter where it falls on the fashion spectrum.

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The Power of the Pocket Square

Many of you already know that we love the modern power suit. Also, for black tie events, the tuxedo. Although the suit’s simplicity exudes power, it is also easy to accessorize with such strong looks. The pocket square is “the” item!

An elegant headscarf

A silk headscarf looks stunning when worn with statement earrings. 

The silk scarf’s beauty and grace make you feel like you are in a Fellini film as you drive through Monaco in a convertible, with the scarf blowing in your face. 

All of us can dream.

Impromptu hair tie

A silk scarf can save you from bad hair days, as we can attest. So even if you’re running late, it is an effective way to manage your hair. Although it was not made with this in mind, a silk scarf will still look stunning, no matter how you style it.

Traditional neck scarf

This look is never boring or old. On the contrary, this look is chic and offers an alternative to jewellery. It is simple, elegant, and a great choice to have in your bag of tricks.

Lively Handbag Accessory

This is an excellent option for a scarf. For a casual, easy look, simply remove the scarf from around your neck and tie it on your wrist or handbag for a fun, relaxed look. The silk scarf can be used as an accessory that can be worn multiple times, so choose colours that will enhance your handbags and outfits.

The Classic Larger Scarf

You can pair it with a crisp shirt or sweater or with your favourite coat. You need to find a scarf that flatters your body and isn’t too big or too small. You’ll be back for this look over and over again, I promise.

Getaway Chic

This scarf is also a favourite of many, as it can be worn as a wardrobe item. This scarf will not be suitable for every occasion, but it will work well on your next tropical vacation or when you are looking to make a statement at home during a “staycation.”

How to tie a scarf in interesting ways

You have many options for how to tie a scarf around the neck. The scarf can be made into many different shapes by using a variety of loops and knots. One can easily create chic twists and braids with the help of any of the many tutorials online. You can also make a simple loop by double-tying the silk scarves around your neck and pulling the ends through the loop at the front.

  • Double the scarf and wrap it around the neck to make a ‘Pretzel’ loop. instead of pulling both ends through a loop, pull only one end through the inside of the loop, then pull the other over the loop through the other side.
  • Simple Knot: Wrap the scarf around your neck; make a knot at one end of your scarf. Pull the other end through it to make it even with the knotted end. These styles will be flattering depending on your head shape, hairstyle, and hair colour. The scarf’s weight should be in line with the rest of your outfit. A large, intricately tied scarf paired with a summer outfit that is too short would be unbalanced. Wear the gorgeous scarf you love, no matter how it looks against your skin. You can match your outfit with your scarf instead of trying to match your scarf to your outfit.


Let us end by saying that sometimes we are looking for ways to add some spark to our wardrobes, a little flair that draws attention away from the outfit but emphasizes it. We bet you probably have pieces in your closet that could be used to make your next collection. For example, you can find silk scarves you like and are excited to wear. If you don’t have them already, choose from stunning prints or elegant monochromatic colours. Have some fun and explore the many options available on EvolutionSK.You will find many ways to show your true self and elevate your brand in some way or another. Enjoy!